11Onze partners with Better Shelter to fund 50 “Shelter Schools,” offering education and hope to 1,750 Syrian children affected by conflict and disaster.

11Onze has partnered with the humanitarian non-profit organisation Better Shelter in Sweden. It will support 11Onze in helping Syrian children gain access to funding. It has a track record of constructing homes and schools for victims of conflict and natural disasters. This is particularly necessary in light of the current civil war and the earthquake that occurred earlier this year.

In order to establish 50 “Shelter Schools,” 11Onze and Better Shelter will contribute €100,000; this would help 1,750 Syrian children receive an education. James Sene, chairman of 11Onze, explained the effort by saying, “At 11Onze, we understand that we must educate children for a secure future.” To accomplish that, we must construct schools. For this reason, we wish to construct schools for refugees in Syria’s north. Our goal is to guarantee that kids may return to school and move on with their lives.

In the wake of natural disasters and war, one-third of the nation’s youngsters are not attending school at all. Sene continued, “We decided to go with Better Shelter for this project as they have a proven record of installing shelters in 80 countries.” This explanation helped to clarify why Better Shelter was chosen to assist in addressing this issue. thus enhancing the standard of existence for 400,000 individuals.

The 11Onze community’s function Sene went on, “At 11Onze, we think that unfavourable realities can be changed. Because we enjoy making changes, our community is engaged, responsible, and willing to get our hands dirty. We have this chance to distribute our wealth. Our goal is to positively influence the lives of people who are in need of encouragement and hope.

Syrian children

Better Educational Institutions

Refugee schools are constructed by Better Shelter using sturdy materials. This is a substitute for the cloth or plastic tents that are erected in camps for refugees.

The technical support manager at Better Shelter, Miguel Acebron Garcia de Eulate, stated: “Safety and dignity are the two pillars that we stand on.” That’s why it’s not composed of cloth, but rather a stiff shelter. They are built to last and ensure the users’ privacy and security.

Additionally, Acebron Garcia de Eulate clarified that the camps for refugees ought to be permanent and not makeshift. Bett Shelter has observed over the years that this seemingly fleeting circumstance usually persists longer. In reality, there are already examples of people who were born and raised in camps throughout central Africa.

Donors who support 11Onze’s Arremanga and Better Shelter project are also provided with complete expense transparency. The costs of every component required to construct a shelter are listed on 11Onze’s Arremanga page. People can choose how much they want to donate to the school in this way.

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