Accelerated Payments launches APTF solution to aid SMEs in global trade, offering flexibility and control amidst economic challenges and supply chain disruptions.

In order to aid companies in expanding through international trade, Accelerated Payments has introduced the AP Trade Finance (APTF) solution.

Accelerated Payments’ newest trade finance product, APTF, has officially launched. Featuring logistics-intensive procedures, APTF enables the company to assume complete control over goods from the manufacturing site to delivery to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

This strategy provides the much-needed flexibility and adaptability that firms, especially SMEs, need to thrive in today’s difficult economic environment and supply chain difficulties. Additionally, APTF offers “unparalleled flexibility and control, making it the ideal solution for businesses operating on a global scale,” according to the company’s most recent release.

SMEs were still recovering from the worldwide pandemic and Brexit when the APTF was created. Recent statistics show that 43% of SME owners have had supply chain problems in the past year, with many of them finding it difficult to find products or supplies that are affordable for their companies.

Additionally, it is harder to maintain competition when one in four SMEs have seen supplier costs nearly quadruple in recent years.

When APTF and international trade collide

Accelerated Payments calls APTF “a game-changing solution”. Here is how it plans to transform the trade finance sector, with advantages like:

  • enables SMEs to obtain financing for purchases from foreign suppliers by using merchandise that is currently in route as collateral. This can help SMEs expand and compete on a global scale.
  • reduces the risks associated with cross-border trade using a novel strategy and control of the entire logistics process, supported by cargo insurance.
  • shortens the purchase-to-sale cycle and increases cash flow, both of which are advantageous to SMEs that provide services to larger organizations with demanding clients.
  • increases SME competitiveness in the global market by facilitating financing access, lowering risk, and enhancing cash flow.

The trade credit product from APTF is very helpful for SMEs engaged in international trade. SMEs can access new financial services that would otherwise be unavailable owing to a lack of required collateral for traditional lending options by pledging their goods as security.

Ian Duffy, CEO of Accelerated Payments, stated that their company is revolutionizing the way international businesses operate by offering unprecedented flexibility and efficiency through end-to-end working capital solutions. They aim to empower businesses of all sizes to access the financing they require to expand their operations and compete globally.

Accelerated Payments helps SMEs grow with APTF launch
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