Find out how multinational companies are using AI to redefine customer engagement and solve contact center issues in the remote work era.

According to a recent survey by Information Services Group (ISG), a global technology research and consultancy business, an increasing number of service providers in Australia and worldwide are integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their customer experience (CX) plans.

customer experience

The 2023 ISG Provider LensTM Customer Experience Services study for Australia found that remote employment and other factors have changed how businesses interact with customers. CX is now a more closely watched company success metric. Businesses are using AI and analytics to tackle contact center issues. Contact centers are important assets.

As the research notes, a lot of Australian organizations, like most of the rest of the globe, are accepting home-based and hybrid work modes for roles engaged in delivering CX, making the idea of working from home a standard practice.

Workforce management has become more difficult as a result of this shift, especially making sure that the infrastructure is secure.

ISG reports that Australian firms are switching to cloud-based contact center solutions to ensure business continuity throughout the epidemic. Due to their increased use of low-cost, digital self-service channels like chatbots, asynchronous messaging, and smartphone apps, more businesses are shifting away from captive contact centers and toward third-party providers who package these technologies with their services.

ISG Australia director Jarrod Magill said “contact centers in Australia are evolving into intelligent CX centers.” Digital technology is providing insights and forecasts that help contact centers serve customers in Australia, despite many changes.

“In an attempt to enhance CX, a few clients returned voice services throughout the pandemic. There isn’t much data to suggest that offshore teams perform better than onshore teams, hence this has mostly failed.

“Many clients are starting to shift work offshore to third parties due to the significant cost increase not being offset by gains.”

AI and ML-based analytics solutions are the way of the future

Additionally, Magill clarified, saying, “Some clients repatriated voice services during the pandemic in an effort to improve CX.” There isn’t much data to suggest that offshore teams perform better than onshore teams, hence this has mostly failed. Gains have not kept up with the large cost increase, which has led many clients to start outsourcing work to other companies.

In its analysis, ISG claims that analytics tools built on AI and ML increase the opportunities for leveraging data from various sources to comprehend consumer wants and deliver superior CX. This covers both unstructured data from social media and web browsing and structured data from transactions and other sources.

Additionally, contact center managers can address subpar agent performance before it damages the company’s brand by using data from customer encounters. AI is being incorporated into CX plans by an increasing number of service companies in Australia and overseas.

According to Jan Erik Aase, partner and worldwide leader at ISG Provider Lens Research, businesses are facing an increasing amount of unstructured data that may be useful in guiding consumer interactions, but it can be challenging to handle and understand. Contact center specialists from Australia can assist them in creating and refining AI systems.

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