Discover the distribution statistics and top beneficiaries of the ARKM token airdrop by Arkham Intelligence on July 18.

Let’s examine some data on how these tokens are distributed. In this post, we discuss the Arkham Intelligence project and the July 18 airdrop of ARKM tokens that benefited all project early adopters. We examine some distribution statistics for these tokens, examine the primary requirements for eligibility, and determine which addresses profited most from this occurrence.

Arkham Intelligence: What is it?

By looking at addresses and examining distant relationships, users of Arkham Intelligence’s blockchain analytics platform can monitor transactions occurring in the cryptocurrency space.

In terms of user experience, Arkham is comparable to other blockchain tracking tools like Debank. To access further information, simply paste an address, coin, or hash of a transaction you want to investigate into the search bar.

The software lets users examine a wallet’s balance and history, trace entities, track tokens and their top holders, and more.

Due to Arkham, Celsius liquidators’ FalconX sales of LINK, MATIC, AAVE, and SNX crypto assets were obvious.

Arkham differentiates itself by using an artificial intelligence technology to synthesize on-chain and off-chain facts through a single source of truth.

200 thousand companies and 350 million addresses are freely available on the platform.

Another exciting new feature is the “Intel Exchange,” which lets smart contracts buy and sell blockchain data. Anyone can publish a search bounty and apply to complete it.

As an illustration, 100k ARKM tokens, or around $60,000, have been made available to anyone who can identify the hacker responsible for the $415 million exploit on the FTX exchange a few days after it filed for bankruptcy.

The business has received a $12 million fundraising round from businesses Coinbase and Digital Currency Group as well as individual investors Sam Altman, Tim Draper, Geoff Lewis, and Peter Thiel.

The ARKM coin was live airdropped on July 18 to platform early adopters as payment for their assistance during the project’s infancy.

The following sentences cover every aspect of this airdrop.

All about the airdrop from Arkham

On Tuesday, July 18, the long-awaited ARKM token was made available to more than 60 000 people through the Arkham airdrop.

The project team took a snapshot on July 8 that included anti-sybil safeguards to stop rogue users from receiving numerous airdrops.

Active site users who studied features, tracked currency on the blockchain, and invited new members were rewarded.

The latter factor was undoubtedly the more crucial, therefore Arkham promoters earned tokens.

At the airdrop announcement, each activity from the previous months was scored and turned into withdrawable tokens.

100 million units—7% of the coin supply—are reserved for community prizes. 28 million ARKM have been taken from the initial airdrop phase, which dispersed 30 million.

Pricing as of writing shows $18.4 million disbursed, or $285 per user.

According to Dune Analytics, just 154 addresses received more than 10,000 ARKM, while only 5 received more than 100,000. Most winners won less than 200 ARKM.

Most intriguing is that the airdrop was free! No transactions, fees, deposits, etc.

Future large contributors to the project might receive new prizes, but the Arkham team’s future plans are currently unknown.

A launchpad on Binance, a listing on the exchange, as well as other cryptocurrency trading platforms, were all included with the airdrop.

Due to the hype and interest in the market, the price of the cryptocurrency skyrocketed on the first day of trade, reaching $0.89, only to start a minor pullback in the days that followed.

The addresses that acquired the most tokens from the Airdrop Arkham

This section examines the three Arkham airdrop addresses with the most ARKM tokens.

Since the blockchain is public, we can use it to determine which claimants received the most cryptocurrencies.

The first Binance address received 249,353 ARKM—more than $180,000—in the first hour of trading.

The first exchange candle closed at $0.75 at 3 PM (CET).

The person who received the massive amount of tokens sold most of them on decentralized marketplaces before Binance listed them.

He sold 200k ARKM at $0.65 for 14 ETH in three more little sales, totaling 69 ETH. He currently owns 9,353 ARKM worth $5,500.

Arkham airdropped 246,391 ARKM to the second-largest destination.

The person wisely transferred the entire supply to Binance to benefit from a higher exchange rate.

It is likely that all tokens were traded in the market.

Most persons who transfer assets to CEX do so to sell; otherwise, they would have retained them in a personal non-custodial wallet.

The person did a test deposit to prevent mistakes, as is advised to do while sending a sizable amount of cryptocurrency.

189,828 ARKM were given to the third address with the most tokens in rewards.

Similar to the prior instance, the user made the decision to transmit the entire amount to the Binance exchange, but did so a little bit later due to the fact that the deposit was made right before crypto trading began.

Therefore, it is possible that he was unable to sell the prize at the best price noted at that time due to the delay on the Ethereum network for sending ERC-20 tokens.

Despite this, the person was still able to make an estimated amount of over $140,000.

Source by Arkham Intelligence
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