Arkansas Federal Credit Union enhances customer experience with First Orion’s ‘INFORM,’ reducing call declines by 21%.

The largest credit union in Arkansas, Arkansas Federal Credit Union, has partnered with First Orion, a provider of branded communication solutions for organisations, to successfully implement “INFORM,” a system that will brand their calls to all subscribers with major US carriers.

According to Arkansas Federal Credit Union, the implementation of branded calls is expected to enhance both the customer experience (CX) and brand reputation. When making outgoing calls to its members, the financial institution witnessed a decrease in call decline rates of 21% but an increase in engagement rates of 11%.

According to a First Orion survey, customers want to know when their financial institution is calling. Ninety percent of respondents stated in 2022 that it is “extremely” or “very” vital that a call from their financial institution be identifiable with the name of the organisation.

“By branding our calls, we confirm the authenticity of our call for our members which paves the way for more meaningful and constructive conversations,” stated Rodney Showmar, president and chief executive officer of Arkansas Federal, in explaining the significance of the initiative. We are thrilled to be among the first to use this technology and give our 150,000 members a better experience.

Additionally, according to the survey, 58% of respondents said they would transfer to a banking institution if they could correctly identify and authenticate themselves over the phone. Also, respondents stated that, when it comes to important communication, they value phone calls twice as highly as any other method.

branded calls

Enhancing Client Experiences

By enabling companies to show their identity on the recipient’s mobile device during the call and in the call log thereafter, INFORM helps them increase their CX, EX, and operational efficiency. Businesses can also manage their phone numbers and enhance their calling programmes with the help of powerful data by using First Orion’s customer site.

There are several ways for companies to try to engage with their customers, said Kevin McKenna, head of brand sales at First Orion. Nevertheless, unlike an email or text, a phone call always gets through if it’s something critical or urgent.

Financial companies can increase client interactions, foster trust, and improve communication by implementing branded calling. Arkansas Federal Credit Union is leading the way in utilising this state-of-the-art technology to give its members the greatest possible member experience.

Arkansas Federal Credit Union saw a spike in calls that were answered, a rise in calls that lasted a minute or longer, and a decrease in members turning down incoming calls following the implementation of First Orion’s branded calling solution.

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