The Bad Seed Book, a renowned online parody of the Trump administration, is being readied for release as an illustrated novel on Trump’s birthday, June 14, 2023. This exclusive collection of 100,000 NON-FUNGIBLE-TRUMPs is derived from 10 iconic images by Catalan Artist Ivan Cuadros.

  • The tradeable Trump-NFTs collection has been released by Bad Seed Book.
  • In reaction to the ex-president of the United States Donald Trump’s expanding NFT collection, the online magazine posted the collection.

After its debut, Donald Trump’s NFT collection has been quite popular. Sales of the Trump-NFT collection totaled $6.5 million in the first week, indicating that it has unquestionably caught the attention of collectors.

Since its debut, the former American president has been able to sell 45,000 NFTs with photographs that were taken from Shutterstock and combined with Trump’s heroic persona. Importantly, Trump-NFTs have topped the Polygon (MATIC) charts, establishing a brand-new record for the NFT floor price.

The Bad Seed Book, an illustrated online parody of the Trump Administration, has chosen to tackle Trump-NFTs with a satirical collection in response to the good response of Trump-NFTs.

Going under: Anti-Trump NFTs

The Bad Seed Book remains dedicated to its position as a satirical antidote with its Anti-Trump narrative in light of the triumph of the Trump-NFTs. A prior unique Anti-Trump collection of 1,500 original photographs, presents, and animated film shorts was commissioned and created by The Bad Seed Book.

The newspaper announced the sale of 100,000 Trump-NFT playing cards for $100 each on Friday as part of its most recent anti-Trump campaign, with 10% of the proceeds going to the designer. The artwork from the Bad Seed Book by Catalan artist Ivan Cuadros will be on display in the collection.

Trump Baby, Statue of Trump, Trump Dictator, Trump Godzilla, Trump Slapped, and more images from the series are just a few examples.

The Bad Seed Book’s author, Adam Kidron, said,shared

The Trump-NFTs act as a satirical contrast to Trump and his bully-pulpit, which he employs to intimidate, discriminate against, and peddle hazardous lies, much like the Bad Seed Book itself. We thus decided to produce a series of higher artistic, social, and commercial significance when Trump revealed his sale of 45,000 “comic” NFTs. To remind people that the 45th edition was the worst, President’s Day was chosen as the releasing date.

The author asserted that, like Trump’s NFT collection, the publication’s Anti-Trump NFT collection could provide holders a 1000% return. Yet according to Upstream , despite The Bad Seed Book’s marketing initiatives, just two NFTs from the Anti-Trump collection have been sold.

Also, despite having 25,000 followers on Twitter, the publication’s promotional postings have been receiving fewer than 200 impressions.

It appears that the parody publishing in Web3’s Anti-Trump storyline won’t be as fruitful as the Bad Seed book’s was.

On the other hand

  • When examined closely, The Upstream platform’s web Interface is devoid of the typical flair of an NFT market. Essential details like public addresses, statistics, and other information are not displayed on the marketplace.
  • Users can download a jpeg version of the NFT by clicking on a button that appears next to each NFT on the market.

Why It’s Important

Market performance for Trump-NFTs is outstanding, with prices rising anytime the scandal-prone former president stirs up a fuss. The relationship between Trump-NFTs and the previous president may account for the NFTs’ success. The Anti-Trump-NFT collection from The Bad Seed Book, on the other hand, is having trouble selling despite including parodic pictures of the previous president.

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