By collaborating with Solve.Care, Binance Pay is entering the healthcare sector and allowing platform users and patients to pay for medical services with cryptocurrency.

A blockchain-based digital health care company called Solve.Care has announced the incorporation of Binance Pay so that its users can use cryptocurrencies to pay for medical services.

Users and patients of Solve.Care will specifically be able to utilize the more than 70 crypto assets offered by Binance Pay to pay for services on the platform thanks to the new connection.

In this way, the alliance intends to broaden the applications of cryptocurrencies and hence boost adoption.

Indeed, by using the potential of blockchain technology and the burgeoning cryptocurrency community, Solve.Care and Binance Pay hope to usher in a new age of cutting-edge payment solutions for the healthcare industry.

Binance Healthcare sector payments and cryptocurrencies

Thus, the healthcare industry is now accessible to Binance Pay, the contactless cryptocurrency payment option.

And solve it is.A number of cutting-edge, interoperable, patient-focused Web3 digital health networks are hosted by the decentralized healthcare platform Care.

The grade of health care services for everyone is raised thanks to this ecosystem, which enables tailored care based on medical problems, economic factors, social needs, and other variables.

Pakning Luk, Head of Global Business Development at, stated the following in this regard:

Healthcare is a critical industry that impacts every individual around the world. Through this partnership, Binance Pay users gain access to a plethora of healthcare services worldwide, spanning medications, medical procedures, and physician fees through the use of cryptocurrencies.

In this unique partnership with Solve.Care, we hope to propel the larger crypto industry to adopting crypto and its benefit through the use of the Care.Wallet, empowering users within one of the largest healthcare industries to embrace the future of borderless, secure, and frictionless payments.

Binance Pay’s healthcare entry

A price increase of more than 100% for SOLVE

Following the announcement of the Binance Pay integration, the native blockchain token utilized by Solve.Care, SOLVE, has seen a price increase of more than 100% over the last 24 hours.

In fact, SOLVE’s price increased from $0.020 to $0.045; as of this writing, SOLVE is currently valued $0.030.

The news of the platform’s expansion was welcomed by the cryptocurrency investors in Solve.Care, as seen by the nearly doubling of the price, which is already declining.

SOLVE has also recorded a +332% rise in transaction volume during the last 24 hours, which is not surprising. Just $17,059 is the cryptocurrency’s current total market capitalization.

PayPal vs. Binance Pay

The beta launch of Binance Pay, a contactless solution for cryptocurrency payments, was announced in February 2021.

Since the beginning, PayPal and Binance’s payment system have been compared, leading some to speculate that the crypto-exchange was influenced by the payments industry giant.

However, at that time, PayPal already permitted the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, but not the receipt or transmission of tokens, which could only be purchased, held, and exchanged.

But there have been some changes between then and now. One example is that, in August of this year, PayPal announced the release of the PYUSD stablecoin, which is linked to the US dollar and was developed in collaboration with the business Paxos.

The use of Binance Pay has increased in a number of offline and online contexts concurrently. For instance, the well-known fast-food business Burger King in the city of Paris implemented Binance Pay as a cryptocurrency payment method in March 2023 together with Alchemy Pay.

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