Bitget’s study unveils global cryptocurrency insights, highlighting financial goals and unique gender dynamics in investment trends.

In an effort to better understand the financial goals and investment habits of cryptocurrency fans, Bitget, the cryptocurrency exchange, has released a study specifically for them. Up to 1,500 participants from 20 different nations participated in the study, which took place between May and August 2023.

Bitget and the cryptocurrency exchange’s study on fans for cryptocurrencies

In an analysis of the responses of 1,500 participants from 20 countries—including Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, and Turkey—as well as a few English-speaking nations, Bitget released a report on cryptocurrency fans.

The purpose of the poll was to learn more about the global cryptocurrency community’s investment habits and objectives.

Indeed, the findings showed that raising one’s standard of living and overall quality of life were among the most common financial objectives among bitcoin investors worldwide.

More specifically, 36% of Malaysians and Taiwanese investors emphasise household income, compared to 46% of South Korean investors who want to raise their standard of living.

The gender impact of industries that could affect these financial objectives was also taken into account in the research. While 17% of South Korean male investors seek to strengthen family finances, 49% of female investors in Japan and 41% of female investors in South Korea concentrate on personal money.

Approximately 27% of female investors worldwide, including in the US and Turkey, frequently utilise bitcoin investments to pay for their kids’ education.


Bitget research on cryptocurrency exchanges: how much do enthusiasts invest in cryptocurrencies?

The Bitget research also looked at the amount of money invested in the cryptocurrency industry.

With 18% of investors devoting amounts between $50,000 and $100,000 and another 19% investing between $100,000 and $500,000 in cryptocurrencies, it appears that Chinese investors are the most devoted in this regard.

In contrast, 51% of users in Europe, 49% in Turkey, and 46% in South Korea invest in cryptocurrencies between $1,000 and $10,000.

Generally speaking, the purpose of this focused survey of user demographics and geographic areas is to enable the cryptocurrency exchange to track alterations in user behaviour over time and modify the platform’s offerings to better suit users’ various financial objectives.

Managing Director of Bitget is named to the Forbes Business Council

Gracy Chen, the managing director of Bitget, was inducted into the Forbes Business Council just this past week.

Here is the forum where seasoned company executives gather to talk about and exchange best practises. Like Chen, these members are chosen by hand and take part in conversations about contemporary topics impacting different industries and the international business environment.

This appointment highlights Bitget’s dedication to influencing the direction of cryptocurrency and acknowledges Chen’s exceptional leadership.

It is no accident that Chen will back the very causes associated with blockchain innovation, diversity in technology, and decentralised finance.

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