Blockdaemon and Ledger’s strategic partnership improves staking possibilities for institutional clients, providing stability and security.

News about cryptocurrencies: Blockdaemon and Ledger hardware wallet have formed a strategic alliance to offer institutional clients the greatest staking options available, greatly enhancing the service’s dependability and security.

Full details of the recently announced cryptocurrency partnership between Ledger hardware wallet and Blockdaemon

Ledger, the world’s top hardware wallet for protecting important digital assets, and Blockdaemon, a top supplier of high-end blockchain infrastructure for the institutional market, are happy to announce their latest strategic alliance utilising the Ledger Enterprise solution.

The goal of this collaboration is to offer Ledger Enterprise’s business and institutional clients specialised stacking solutions. It is evident that the cooperation is predicated on a number of important goals.

First, security at the enterprise level. In fact, Ledger’s proficiency with institutional-grade hardware security solutions greatly enhances the cooperation and guarantees the highest level of security for staking operations.

The degree of security is further increased by working with Blockdaemon and utilising its knowledge of managing blockchain infrastructure.

Second, the infrastructure for staking’s dependability. Ledger Enterprise’s security solutions work well with Blockdaemon’s in-depth knowledge in managing blockchain infrastructure to provide a solid and dependable staking system.

The goal of this is to enhance benefits for involved organisations and limit downtime.

It also seeks to make the process of staking easier. This indicates that the goal of the partnership is for both businesses to make the staking process easier for institutional clients.

Staking will be simple and effective when Blockdaemon’s infrastructure is integrated with Ledger Enterprise’s HSMs for key management.

Lastly, raising consciousness. Together, Ledger and Blockdaemon hope to inform organisations and institutional investors about the advantages of actively participating in blockchain networks and staking as a form of remuneration.

A few remarks regarding the new alliance

The president of Blockdaemon, Jeff Hasselman, commented on the new alliance as follows:

“The partnership with Ledger Enterprise is a testament to our shared vision of elevating the staking landscape. Together, we are poised to offer an unmatched staking experience, combining security, reliability, and efficiency.”

Ledger Vice President of Enterprise Sebastien Badault continued:

“Our collaboration with Blockdaemon underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of staking. We’re excited to bring our hardware security expertise to the table, ensuring that our institutional clients benefit from a staking solution that’s not only secure but also incredibly user-friendly.”

In summary, Ledger and Blockdaemon’s complementary relationship is well-positioned to provide safe, enterprise-wide staking solutions that not only improve security and dependability but also encourage broader staking adoption among the academic community.

Messari report on the performance and complexity of the XRP Ledger in Q3

Reputable crypto analytics company Messari just released an extensive study on the XRP Ledger’s Q3 performance.

The research, which was produced in conjunction with CoinGecko, XRPScan, and Coin Metrics, shows opportunities for growth in some sectors and possible obstacles in others.

In response to the historic Ripple v. SEC ruling in July, which affirmed that XRP is not a security, market capitalization rose 11.9 percent in QoQ and a stunning 59.9 percent in YoY, according per Messari’s analysis.

The Q3 data indicates that the token, valued at $3 billion, rose to the fifth position among all cryptocurrencies, further bolstering the XRP market’s momentum.

This quarter’s performance is quite excellent, since it reversed the decrease and aligned with Q1 data.

According to the data, the third quarter saw annual lows for the average daily values of transactions and active addresses. In spite of this, the overall number of accounts increased by about 3 million, or a net gain of 125 million.

While the number of deleted addresses decreased by 14.6% from the peak observed in the previous quarter, the number of new addresses increased by 3% to 4.81.

Furthermore, the research emphasised the technical intricacies of the XRP ledger, with a particular emphasis on the surge in activity influenced by the active recipient measure. This increase in activity was mostly attributed to senders like exchanges and custodian solutions.

Lastly, Messari drew attention to a disparity in the quantity of active recipient and sender addresses, attributing it to transactions carried out by custodians and centralised exchanges utilising destination tags.

In describing the XRP ledger’s transaction landscape, Messari made it clear that there are 29 distinct kind of daily transactions, ranging from NFT burns to payment transactions.

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