Learn about the growth of the fintech industry and how Breinrock is shaping its future by providing innovative solutions for consumers and businesses. With a commitment to excellence and superior service, Breinrock focuses on consistent corporate clients with large transfers and prioritizes compliance and the human touch.

The financial technology (fintech) industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, and companies like Breinrock are playing an essential role in shaping the future of financial services.

With its commitment to excellence and superior service, Breinrock is well-positioned to compete in this industry and provide innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of consumers and businesses.

Founder of Markelitics, Stefan Popovski-Turanjanin, and Toni Korolia, VP of Partnership of Breinrock, talked about the fintech industry overall, how Breinrock started, and its plans for future growth and expansion.

TK: Breinrock was founded as a one-man company less than two years ago by Zoran Radovanovic, founder and CEO. He’s been a part of the bank industry for over 20 years, so he figured – why not own one?
A considerable part of our growth process was personal contacts and the trust the clients had in Zoran.

STP: The job you did in the past two years is fantastic; you had exceptional exponential growth, making a massive difference in the market. Please tell us more about the key segments and selling points of Breinrock and why they are better than the other companies on the market.

Korolia said that, unlike most banks that focus on the number of clients they have, Breinrock focuses on the type of clients they cater to. In that sense, Breinrock primarily focuses on consistent corporate clients with large transfers.

“We grow through word of mouth even today, and that’s how we create our client base,” said Karolia.


Karolia and Popovski-Turanjanin further discussed the potential benefits of having investors and the company’s newly-opening office in Dubai.
Korolia concluded Breinrock is currently content with its progress and has no immediate plans for new products.
However, it does plan to expand its global transfers long-term while prioritizing compliance and the human touch. Fintech & Growing Market Potentials Fintech companies need technology to compete, but the human touch is still essential for closing deals and supporting clients who may not be tech-savvy. Compliance remains crucial in payments to meet regulations and gain credibility, while upfront document requests aid client onboarding and transfer reliability.
This is true in every country in the world.

Popovski-Turanjanin observed technology is lacking in this industry while remaining crucial for the industry’s development. Breinrock, he said, recognized this and is making drastic changes that help the company grow and see results.

TK: The banking industry has lost its personal touch and needs to focus on developing technology to establish better results. Companies that don’tdon’t follow technology growth trends will stay behind, but the human touch is still the most crucial aspect in the fintech world. Global Expansion Having a multicultural mindset like Breinrock not only promotes inclusion but allows for expansion to various markets, observed Popovski-Turanjanin.
Korola agreed and explained Breinrock started with cross-border payments but now offers banking as a service and attends affiliate events to establish better results and create trust in the market. There are plans to double our global transfers by expanding our signature programs to new markets, including Latin America, Africa, and Asia, while navigating challenging regulations in South Africa.

Brainrock premium interview

Breinrock Motto as a fintech company offering various financial payment and banking solutions, Breinrock provides personalized, efficient, secure, and competitively priced services, including alternative banking and payment services and prepaid cards for personal and corporate accounts.


They go along with tech trends while understanding the vital aspect of the human touch in the industry and prioritizing it as a core of their business.
Toni said we work hard to fulfill the evolving demands of our business and personal banking customers by offering a comprehensive suite of products and services.

Knowing what our customers want is essential in today’stoday’s fast-paced financial world,” said Kopola.
“We pride ourselves on providing individualized attention and innovative neo-banking services.”


💻Brainrock started as a one-man company two and a half years ago and has since grown to 14 employees with plans to hire more.
✅ Brainrock’s Brainrock’s focus is on corporate clients with large transfers, and the company has grown through word of mouth and personal contacts.
💰The company recently opened an office in Dubai and plans to expand its platform to include currency exchange and prepay cards.
💳 Visa and MasterCard enforce strict compliance in online purchasing, blocking transactions that exceed reported levels, but unblocking is easy by reporting a different number.

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