Reducing risk exposure is important for crypto traders. Bitget’s Index Futures aggregate market signals to decrease risk and improve asset management.

As a means of lowering traders’ overall risk exposure, the cryptocurrency copy trading platform Bitget has introduced Index Futures, which include aggregated market indications.

Low-risk Bitget and Index Futures

The well-known cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has just introduced a new item: index futures with compiled market indicators.

This native futures contract trading service targets investors seeking low-risk, precise market signals. Index Futures trading is like purchasing and selling a bundle of index tokens. As a result, Index Futures trading has the potential to assist in minimizing risk exposure and increasing portfolio diversification.

Bitget’s latest offering focuses on tracking a group of assets, differentiating itself from competitors in the cryptocurrency and USDT industries. This feature enables the company to set itself apart by enhancing asset management capabilities for its users. In actuality, the benchmark for Index Futures is the spot currency fund. Asset values frequently correlate with one another according to class or index, which indicates market changes on a bigger scale.

On this topic, Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, has the following comments to make:

“There are virtually no index trading platforms on the cryptocurrency market at present and we are proud to become the leading exchange in the domain of offering investors such a versatile and low-risk option. Our technology allows us to provide clear and readable indices that users can leverage to mimic their operations on traditional markets.”

The initial BGHOT10 Index Future and ARBETF spot ETF

The first Index Futures product that Bitget has released is named BGHOT10, and it contains the 10 crypto assets that are the most popular on the platform. The maximum leverage ratio for this product is 20x.

BGHOT10 tracks market, trend, and performance changes in the ten hottest crypto assets traded on Bitget. It’s a new benchmark comprised of popular crypto assets from Bitget. Some of the assets in this basket are ADA, SOL, MATIC, AVAX, ATOM, SUSHI, DYDX, XRP, ETC, and APT.

Bitget also offers spot ETFs with crypto baskets that represent major businesses to reduce risk. Bitget’s ARBETF is a spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks Arbitrum token performance.

The ARBETF is currently made up of four different cryptocurrencies, which are GMX (40%), MAGIC (30%), GNS (25%), and RDNT (5%). Each of these cryptocurrencies has a separate weight allocation that is equivalent to their own market capitalization.

Crypto-exchange roadmap 2023

The leading non-custodial bitcoin wallet in the market, BitKeep, recently announced that Bitget had invested up to $30 million in it.

Bitget, which is the controlling shareholder, has developed a new 2023 strategy for precisely this cryptocurrency wallet. The roadmap begins with the planning of the cryptocurrency wallet’s rebranding to Bitget Wallet.

BitKeep is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that offers a comprehensive solution for the administration of crypto assets. BitKeep provides services such as an integrated NFT marketplace, wallet function, swap services, dApp browser, and Launchpad to its 9.5 million customers located all over the world.

At the blockchain level, the wallet Bitget bought supports over 255,400 crypto assets and tokens. These digital assets and tokens are on more than 90 blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Fantom, and Solana.

cryptocurrency copy trading platform Bitget
cryptocurrency copy trading platform Bitget
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