Explore high-risk, high-reward cryptocurrencies as an investing strategy to enhance your wealth over the next few years without significant capital outlay. Discover “millionaire-maker” projects with high returns.

Consider investing a modest portion of your portfolio in some high-risk, high-reward cryptos if you want to increase your wealth over the next several years without spending a lot of money. I could see some of these being “millionaire-maker” cryptos if a project is viable enough.

I would admit that the bottom of the market a few months ago may have been the best moment to invest in cryptocurrencies, but you may still board the train. Despite falling below $17,000 last year, Bitcoin (BTC-USD) has remained robust and is currently circling about $27,000.

Even with the upward trend, there is still a great deal of risk involved. BTC has been unable to surpass the $30,000 barrier level, and the impending recession makes investing in cryptocurrencies extremely risky at the moment.

You should not, however, completely shun cryptocurrency. Depending on your risk tolerance, several small-cap cryptocurrencies could produce multibagger gains, make your wealth . Volatility has pros and cons, and if you use leverage, the disproportionate upside potential could lead to large losses.

I’ve named three cryptocurrency “millionaire makers” that I think can provide those returns in the next years, and make your wealth :

COMP – compound

Compound (COMP-USD) focuses on ERC20 tokenomics. Polygon (MATIC-USD) is developing technology to speed up and scale Ethereum (ETH-USD). Depositing Ethereum coins in Compound pools earns interest. Exchange compound pool tokens for native cryptocurrency.

The Compound platform provides tools that let users make sure their ERC20 tokens aren’t sitting around. They cannot be staked by default, which is wonderful. These functions, like borrowing, are carried out fully decentralized.

Nevertheless, due to waning interest in ERC20 projects and token inflation, the price of the COMP coin has been hovering at historic lows. Additionally, it introduced the multi-chain iteration the previous year, but this still limits the cryptocurrency project to the Ethereum network. While this is going on, rival chains like Solana (SOL-USD) are supported by rivals like Aave (AAVE-USD).

Why buy this? One is that inflation has dropped to a reasonable 7.06% for cryptocurrency. It has achieved the 10 million circulation supply cap and is trading in the $30–$40 range with minimal possibility of a fall. The protocol’s $1.32 billion value, far less than COMP’s $279 million market cap, supports its discount. When the Ethereum blockchain craze returns, COMP might create billionaires.

AZERO, or Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero (AZERO-USD) is a peer-reviewed utilitarian project in contrast to Compound. Even though the chain is still young, what it can accomplish in comparison to many of the most prominent projects at the moment is astounding. First off, finality on the Aleph Zero blockchain happens almost immediately. Their consensus protocol achieved a sub-zero confirmation latency and 100,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS). Additionally, the ecosystem provides very affordable transactions, an information bridge oracle, private smart contracts, and decentralized file storage via IPFS. Additionally, it offers substrate integration, which enables blockchain developers to quickly migrate their decentralized applications to Aleph Zero.

Although it is incredibly promising, it has been unnoticed due to poor marketing. Furthermore, I would treat these TPS numbers with caution because the ecosystem’s ability to be used requires relevant dApps and projects in the first place.

Even yet, the cost of transactions on the Ethereum network is now quite low. But I think this will be one of the top options for developers looking for alternatives when the network is busy.

XCN Cryptonite

If you’re looking for a nano-cap, Cryptonite (XCN-USD) is a cryptocurrency that employs a mini-blockchain system that enables the network to ignore outdated transactions. In this manner, the mining is more decentralized and equitable, and the blockchain size is maintained small and quick.

Cryptonite also allows users to set withdrawal restrictions and limit the number of coins transmitted from their address. Additionally, it provides affordable microtransactions and enables users to add personalized messages to their purchases.

Of course, I don’t think it will reach a market cap of billions, but it is a fascinating concept for a particular niche. People that use lightweight gear or who want more control over their transactions could adopt it, in my opinion. Overall, Cryptonite has a good chance of becoming a cryptocurrency that may make investors rich.

boost your wealth over the next few years without a large investment
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