Enhancing trading tools, Bybit integrates AI-powered ChatGPT into its platform, introducing ToolsGPT as a revolutionary crypto-exchange feature.

The cryptocurrency exchange Bybit recently announced the launch of ToolsGPT, a new product that integrates ChatGPT and is therefore based on AI.

In essence, the new ToolsGPT will make it possible for cryptocurrency traders to benefit from ML and AI capabilities.

As a result, it is a feature that will enable all user types, including participants and experts, to get forecasts on both long-term pricing trends and short-term price variations.

Additionally, ToolsGPT is described by Bybit as a platform with a user-friendly interface and free access.

ChatGPT and AI are still gaining ground in the cryptocurrency industry

People have been speculating about what would occur in the crypto market when ChatGPT debuted since the beginning of 2023. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the foundations of the ChatBot created by OpenAI, and it makes use of these technologies in a way that has never been done before.

In the bitcoin industry, the development of Bots that could provide financial advise was already anticipated given their level of knowledge learning.

Amy, the cryptocurrency exchange’s first AI companion, was introduced in May of this year along with the ByBit news. Amy is focused on educating customers about the business.

Although Amy from Crypto.com is based on ChatGPT and AI, unlike ToolsGPT from ByBit, it isn’t concerned with predicting cryptocurrency prices; rather, it merely supports users’ trading activities.

In the realm of cryptocurrency exchanges, the Solana Foundation also just built a plugin for ChatGPT that combines layer 1 blockchain and AI.

Through the plugin that can be downloaded from Github, it is an open-source reference implementation that enables users to communicate with the Solana network directly from ChatGPT.

This plugin can be used to identify NFT collections at the lowest prices, inspect transactions, transfer tokens, acquire NFTs, and inspect token transfers.

Only in the US does ChatGPT debut on the App Store

ChatGPT was introduced by OpenAI last month and became an instant hit at the Apple Store. Additionally, the chatbot was purportedly included as a “must have” app among Apple’s available apps.

Currently, ChatGPT is only available in the United States, but it may also be made available in other nations.

The internet giant appears to want to capitalize on others’ successes in order to keep the now-famous 30% fee on internal sales of its App Store, which does not imply that it is interested in AI.

In this sense, Apple will charge iOS users $6 to $20 per month for each ChatGPT Plus subscription.

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