Olliv, the new self-custody cryptocurrency platform from CoinFlip, offers accessible financial services in the digital economy with safe asset transactions and education for financial freedom.

With the introduction of Olliv, CoinFlip, a fintech business powered by cryptocurrencies, has announced a new phase of growth and product evolution. This is a secure, open, self-custody-powered cryptocurrency platform that offers everyone access to financial services in the digital economy.

In the past, the crypto community seemed to be a small one. Olliv wants to remove cryptocurrency’s restriction on exclusivity. The future of blockchain utility and tokenized assets will also be able to enter the digital economy through this sector, which is also available to the next generation of investors.

Customers can safely keep assets on a self-custodial wallet and buy, sell, transmit, receive, and swap them using the Olliv platform. The uncertainty of unidentified third-party custodians is eliminated. Olliv helps to close the gap between physical and digital investing by utilizing CoinFlip’s already-existing network of cryptocurrency ATMs and customer support, thereby increasing access to this new technology.

Who is already using cryptocurrency does not determine its future. It involves bringing on new users and fostering widespread usage. To make sure of this, education, clarity, and usability are vitally essential. Olliv aims to provide advice and insights that make achieving financial freedom simpler. Olliv provides ‘Olliv Us’ with the ability to engage in the digital economy, packaged in user-friendly software. Customers are given a sense of security, support, and control as a result of how this is done.

The financial revolution’s next phase

“With Olliv’s launch, we hope to demystify cryptocurrencies and foster a welcoming community for everyone. Regardless of their financial expertise or background, we want to welcome customers into this next phase of the financial revolution, according to Ben Weiss, CEO and co-founder of CoinFlip.

“We”re constantly searching for ways to invest in our consumers in a way that will benefit DeFi in the long run. Our self-custodial approach, which has been a cornerstone of CoinFlip’s operations from the company’s founding, will undoubtedly bring about the much-needed change the sector needs. As we move closer to on-rampping the following generation of cryptocurrency investors, we anticipate continued growth and innovation in the upcoming year.

Olliv offers a secure transaction and encryption interface as part of its range of services. Olliv also provides instructional materials via user-friendly information and CoinFlip’s live customer support that is available around-the-clock. The platform’s dedication to transparency guarantees that users can see all applicable fees.

According to Rory Herriman, chief technology, digital, and strategy officer of CoinFlip, “we envision a future where everyone can participate in the digital economy and use their holdings to make regular purchases and gain access to previously difficult-to-buy assets like precious metals, real estate, and energy, without the need for inconvenient third-party intermediaries.”

“Our goal for Olliv is to innovate and remove obstacles to safety, security, and sovereignty, enabling people to invest and grant them individual ownership of their assets thanks to the accessibility that cryptocurrencies offer.”

An inviting setting

At a critical juncture in which digital currency technology and use cases are quickly developing, Olliv is establishing a space for individuals to enter the crypto ecosystem. The business will keep expanding its product line and adding new features to help users throughout their financial lifecycle.

Moreover CoinFlip demonstrated commitment to industry integrity and transparency by continuing to be a reliable resource for customers through difficult market conditions. By doing this, the business showed exceptional development, almost tripling its workforce and extending the reach of its ATMs to Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia.

The business’s 2022 revenue was more than $100 million. By the end of 2023, its crew is anticipated to have increased by 23%. Crain’s Chicago Business has noted CoinFlip’s expansion. Chicago’s fastest-growing company for two years. Additionally, in 2021 and 2022, Inc. 5000 ranked it among the top 100.

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