In November, the NFT Factory in Paris will debut “Back and Forth/Mattia Cuttini 1999 > 2023,” a new NFT installation by the esteemed Italian crypto artist Mattia Cuttini.

The new NFT solo crypto art exhibition, “Back and Forth Mattia Cuttini 1999 > 2023”

The new cryptographic art exhibition, “Back and Forth/ Mattia Cuttini 1999 > 2023”, will be held in Paris in November at the NFT Factory.

Famous Italian crypto artist Cuttini will display his most recent cross-disciplinary creations in a one-man show that will also highlight his whole artistic career, which began in 1999.

For his work mixing graphic design, blockchain technology, music, performance art, and most recently Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cuttini has gained notoriety in the world of cryptocurrency art.

“Back and Forth/ Mattia Cuttini 1999 > 2023” will detail each stage of his artistic development in a way that adds chaos, fragility, and beauty to machine output while enhancing the consistency of his work over time by incorporating new methods and dimensions.

The NFT Factory in Paris will host the new Mattia Cuttini show on November 8 and 9.

Benoit Couty, the creative director of NFT Factory, expressed his enthusiasm for having such an exhibition in this regard and included the following quote about the artist in one of his comments:

When no one was looking, Mattia went there in 2018 with a small group of artists to create a new haven for artistic freedom that would transform countless lives a few years later.

The biography of the Italian artist of cryptographic works and NFTs, Mattia Cuttini

Italian artist Mattia Cuttini was born in 1979. Cuttini discussed his first meeting with the realm of NFTs, which occurred precisely in 2018, in his discussion with The Cryptonomist and The Nemesis on the metaverse talk show.

His initial goal was to use his visual art and music to test out the new NFT technology.

Cuttini then began creating his first piece of art, which he later showcased on the KnownOrigin, SuperRare, Async Art, and Medium platforms.

Furthermore, Cuttini continued to take part in a number of legendary group shows, like the “Cryptoart Revolution” in Paris in 2021.

Additionally, Cuttini has collaborated with renowned artists like Moderats, who purchased the #01 of the iconic Papercuts artwork in its digital form for 2 ETH, and XCopy, who was gifted the #00.

In Q1 2023, general NFT data point to gains.

The global NFT market increased in Q1 2023 compared to the final quarter of 2022, solidifying the strength of an industry that appeared to be stabilizing.

Data indicate a rise in volume in Q1 2023 for both ETH and USD. Additionally, from 11.23 million in Q4 2022 to 14 million in Q1 2023, there were more users.

This growth can be attributed to the launch of Blur, a new NFT marketplace for professional traders that has garnered interest from the cryptocurrency community.

Additionally, Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs made their debut during this time, and they have since slowly taken over the market. The amount of Bitcoin Ordinal NFT inscriptions increased from 3 million to 9 million during the month of May.

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