Local crypto group aids Israelis affected by the Hamas terror wave, distributing funds to first aid providers; 200,000 NIS already allocated.

About NIS 700,000 (more than $185,00) has already been raised by the local cryptocurrency group Crypto Aid Israel in order to assist Israelis impacted by the Hamas terror wave.

Additionally, some of these have already been given out in two rounds to different groups providing first aid to those impacted by the disaster.

To date, 200,000 NIS have been given out in an effort to significantly improve the lives of those in need.

The initiatives that Crypto Aid Israel finances

This funding has already been given by Crypto Aid Israel to a number of NGOs.

Funding has been provided to support the housing and transport needs of citizens who live in areas close to Gaza but are not officially recognised as such by the Israeli government by the Foundation for the Advancement of Citizens of the Eshkol Regional Council, an organisation that promotes the resilience and well-being of Israel’s southern communities.

Funding was provided to Zaka, an Israeli volunteer organisation that specialises in search and rescue, disaster response, and emergency medical services, in order to purchase vital medical supplies and ceramic vests for front-line volunteers.

It was given to Lev Echad of Or Hanegev veHagalil, an NGO dedicated to helping at-risk youth and fostering social inclusion in Israel through educational and empowerment programmes, to provide basic necessities for those who have chosen to stay in the areas surrounding Gaza in order to defend and support the towns and Kibbutzim by providing them with clothing, food, and hygiene supplies.

They were asked to launch a large-scale operation in the south of the country to provide food boxes and hygiene products to citizens in urgent need and with limited access to food and other resources, such as those who are still in the south of the country, those who have been evacuated to other locations, needy families, the older people, Holocaust survivors, and reservists working in the field. Latet is an Israeli non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting poverty and providing humanitarian aid


The extension of the effort known as Crypto Aid Israel

More than thirty businesses have also come together to support this cause, and accounting behemoth KPMG is among them, helping with distribution and fundraising.

Fuse, Wonderland, Psagot Equity, and cryptocurrency wallet company Zengo are among the other significant businesses supporting the initiative.

An emergency humanitarian effort called Crypto Aid Israel is being spearheaded by well-known Israeli Web3 community figures. It include companies like Bits Of Gold, KPMG, Efficient Frontier, Ironblocks, Israel Blockchain Association, MarketAcross, CryptoJungle, Nilos, BlockchainB7, and 42Studio.

The fundraising drive aims to provide aid to Israeli residents and families that are in immediate need of humanitarian relief.

Crypto Aid Israel conveyed its appreciation to the international crypto community for the resolute support it has been getting.

The assaults

Crypto Aid Israel is also under many attacks, as is typical in these kinds of situations.

Due in part to the fact that those money are regrettably sought after by many, the project has been the victim of particularly severe phishing assaults.

The website service for the initiative experienced a brief outage as well, lasting less than half an hour. Concerns about possible fraudulent activity posing as Crypto Aid Israel motivated the hosting provider to quickly address and restore the problem.

Given the ongoing conflict, attempts at theft and boycotts must also be taken into consideration, as must acts with a blatantly terroristic aim.

The remarks

Tim Freed, senior leader of Crypto Aid Israel, stated:

“We are deeply humbled by the outpouring of support from the global crypto community. Together, we have made significant strides in our mission to assist those affected by the recent wave of Hamas terrorism. The completion of two rounds of aid distribution shows how crypto can be used as a force of good in the world. Our commitment to transparency and legitimacy remains unwavering, and we are determined to continue our efforts in providing aid and relief to those in need.”

Eyal Gura, a consultant for New Digital Initiatives and cryptocurrency on Latet’s board, continued:

“We believe that while modest initially, the crypto channel is an important, speedy and innovative one and will enable new contributors to join our global ecosystem and support Israel in such an important hour. Once we realized the scale of the disaster and have realized it’s Israel’s most challenging times, Latet started to work in an emergency mode. 

As we did in the past, in over 25 national disasters globally and locally, we allocated the entire organization infrastructure to enable immediate aid to the families in need and will continue to execute as long as it will take.”

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