The following transits will dominate this week: New Moon in Aries on Tuesday, March 21; New Sun in Aries beginning on Monday, March 20.

Another week, fresh cryptocurrency horoscope for the 20–26 March week.

The transits listed below will define this week:

  • starting on Monday, March 20, the Sun will be in Aries;
  • Tuesday, March 21, brings a new moon in Aries;
  • Mars will enter Cancer on Saturday, March 25.

It has been a while since we gave a section of our website to the blockchain and astrology specialist Stefania Stimolo’s crypto horoscope. It is a weekly piece that is exclusively published on The Cryptonomist every Sunday and features the horoscope for each zodiac sign.

In keeping with our tagline, “Reporting the Future,” we decided to explore the subject further with this amusing piece.

We refer to it as the crypto horoscope for the simple reason that it uses terms common to the sector.

Terms like NFT, metaverse, and Over-The-Counter are used to describe situations, as well as trading jargon like bullish, bull run, bear market, or dump to explain how each sign is feeling on any given day of the week.

Of course, the infamous “to the moon” sign is a must-see to understand its vibe!

Generally speaking, you may be going through a time of “hard-forking,” which refers to a “inner split,” or handing your lightning torch to the next sign of the zodiac, which denotes that the Sun is moving on to the next sign.

Alternatively you might only think of specific instances that “verify,” that is, when the planet is out of harmony with the zodiac sign. Also, each sign’s itinerary will advance by one step with each new rotation of the Sun’s guard across the zodiacal constellations.

Naturally, no financial advice is offered; rather, it is only for amusement purposes, just like any other horoscope. It’s important to note that many industry newcomers are now familiar with the unique crypto jargon because of The Cryptonomist’s horoscope.

“Verify, don’t believe,”

While astrology is not a precise science, it attempts to predict the future in a variety of ways. Why not also use the common blockchain adage “Don’t Trust, Verify” in this context.

In fact, the author intends to put out her interpretation of the planetary transits that take place during the week, detailing how each zodiac sign responds while adhering to the “logic” of conventional astrology.

For those who love astrology, it would be possible for them to keep up with even the weekly transits that have an impact on us. the Full Moon days or a Mercury Retrograde.

Other people may visit the specific page, which is updated every Sunday, and view their own horoscope as well as the horoscopes of their friends and loved ones.

Hence, keep yourself informed and check your weekly horoscope by clicking here for amusement only.

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