OPSWAT boosts META cybersecurity with a new Dubai office, meeting rising demand after a year of substantial growth.

The Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) regional office of OPSWAT, a leader in cybersecurity solutions for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), has been launched in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

By taking this action, OPSWAT hopes to address the growing need in the area for zero-trust cybersecurity solutions that can protect vital infrastructure. The company’s notable expansion in the region is shortly followed by the launch of the OPSWAT Dubai office.

Its regional momentum over the last 12 months has included a 60% increase in income, a 50% increase in its clientele, a 50% increase in the number of projects, and a significant increase in the operational resources of the business.

Regional clients include manufacturing, nuclear, energy, oil and gas, government, and defence companies. Over 50 GCC ministries have picked OPSWAT in the last year, and the company works with practically all oil and gas companies in the region. We offer products and solutions to 43 regional banks in the financial services industry, including eight central banks, since March 2022. It is in proof of concept with 50 other FSI firms.

“This office opening is timely, as we will have an on-the-ground presence in a market where we are fast becoming the vendor of choice for government ministries and banks,” said Sertan Selcuk, VP of sales, META and Pakistan at OPSWAT. By the end of this year, we hope to have at least 500 businesses in the META region as our clients.

Selcuk stated that safeguarding vital infrastructure has become much more complicated as a result of the ongoing integration of IT and OT. Few security experts are equipped to handle the current OT threat scenario, and IT cybersecurity solutions do not provide the necessary tools to safeguard such equipment.


Dependence on “legacy or outdated systems”

Selcuk continued, saying, “Like everywhere else, a lot of the Middle East’s vital infrastructure networks are based on antiquated or legacy systems that weren’t built with strong security in mind at the beginning. Since IT systems are a major component of most OT networks, their interconnection frequently increases the attack surface. Ensuring these interdependencies presents significant obstacles.

The foundation of OPSWAT’s expanding reputation in the area is its Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology, which tackles these issues head-on. Files of all kinds, including HTML, PDFs, and picture and video assets, are disassembled, cleaned, and instantly rebuilt in CDR. The company will provide CDR and other technologies to a wider market from its new headquarters in Dubai.

A critical infrastructure protection (CIP) laboratory at OPSWAT’s Dubai office allows industry professionals, clients, and channel organisations to witness firsthand the power of OPSWAT products, including Neuralyzer, MetaDefender Kiosk, MetaDefender Vault, NetWall, and much more. In addition, the office serves as a hub for collaboration between customers and partners. In addition, they will be able to experience attack simulations, learn about the benefits of OPSWAT Academy training, and consult with the company’s specialists on how to best integrate its products and services to create an optimal OT security posture.

“Devoted to the war on cyberspace”

After two prosperous years in which its business more than doubled, OPSWAT anticipates a robust 2024 marked by growth at the same rate.

Selcuk ends by saying, “We’re thrilled to have a strong presence in this important market, and this investment builds on the foundation we’ve been laying in the region for years.”

“We are totally dedicated to fighting cybercrime with our META partners and clients. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are important markets for cybersecurity awareness, in our opinion. We anticipate working with our channel partners to expand the reach of our solutions among more clients in the coming months.

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