Join the world’s top specialists at the Blockchain Expo, a prominent conference and trade fair series, for an unprecedented blockchain technology journey.

People from important industries from all over the world come together at the conference and trade fair series known as Blockchain Expo. The occasion seeks to serve as a launchpad for blockchain technology exposure and advancement.

More than 250 speakers will present lectures and panel discussions during the event on a range of blockchain-related subjects, including:

  • the creation of smart contracts
  • Making dApps (decentralized applications)
  • asset tokenization.

Startup pitch competitions are also a part of the event, when businesses and entrepreneurs showcase their concepts to a panel of judges, possible backers, and spectators.

The main event will begin in December 2024 and last over two days in London. Everyone will have the opportunity to interact with lecturers and representatives from blockchain companies, as well as showcase their concept or new development to a large audience.

With over 6,000 attendees from important industries worldwide, this event serves as a powerful launchpad for exposing and advancing blockchain innovations. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of over 250 speakers, who will deliver enlightening lectures and engaging panel discussions. Connect with 200+ exhibitors, seize networking opportunities, and benefit from a remarkable 76% director-level and above participation, fostering meaningful collaborations and groundbreaking solutions. Don’t miss this exceptional gathering that propels the future of blockchain technology to new heights.

Summit on the Blockchain Expo Global

Adopt a strategic strategy and arrive at the conference with a clearly defined plan if you want to make the most of your time there.

  • Review the conference schedule in its entirety. After carefully perusing the calendar, mark the lectures, panel discussions, and other events that catch your attention. Make a plan in advance to prevent missing any important sessions.
  • Set objectives for networking. If you go into networking with a certain goal in mind, it will be simpler. Make a list of essential persons or initiatives you wish to connect with and actively seek opportunities to do so.
  • As instructed, take part in all meetings and discussions. By actively participating in the sessions and chats, you may get the most out of your conference attendance. Ask intelligent questions, offer your opinions, and seek clarification on subjects that are interesting to you.
  • Make notes as you speak to help you recall important concepts and details. Then you can reflect on the interaction and remember significant facts by doing this.
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