Integration of Doorda’s data enriches Point Sigma’s AI platform for comprehensive analytics and decision-making.

Doorda, a British analytics-ready data supplier, has been integrated into Point Sigma’s platform, which is an end-to-end, autonomous AI-driven data analytics solution. Point Sigma is expanding the use of analytics to include all decision-makers by utilizing the latter’s unique and reliable data that was obtained from official sources in the UK.

Leo Pape, CEO of Point Sigma, commented on the news, saying: “Data is one of the most important assets for every organization, yet few manage to harness its full potential. The need for meticulously controlled information continues to limit modern AI, which is especially inadequate for use in data analytics applications. By utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to comprehend unprocessed business data, Point Sigma enables users to quickly and intelligently make decisions that benefit the company, its stakeholders, and its clients.

Additionally, the alliance gives clients a considerable competitive edge. This is due to the fact that it is currently a standard, business-critical requirement to recognize and promptly act upon data-driven insights across a variety of demands. These can include customer service, collections, marketing, and credit risk. But given the abundance of data sources, there are significant resource and technological obstacles in comprehending the intricate relationships between data sets and using analysis to get such insights.

Nonetheless, it is imperative that these massive data sets be analyzed. Point Sigma can help businesses save time by merging integrated Doorda data with its own internal data. They can also quickly extract important insights from these massive data sets thanks to it. Through self-service visualisations, businesses can now automatically test assumptions about end-customer demographics, geography, property, and affluence data. The manual entry of seasoned data practitioners is not required.

Benefiting already

One of the first clients to gain from the integration of the Doorda and Point-Sigma solutions was Funding Circle. A large amount of publicly available data from official organizations is included in the Funding Circle data environment. Doorda provides services to many public bodies like as regulatory agencies, local and national governments, and others.

Moreover head of Funding Circle’s existing borrower and investor analytics Rohan Karunanayake states: “We know the value of this data.” In our machine-learning models, we already employ it. The query is, “Do we apply all pertinent insights, or are we overlooking anything crucial that could enable us to make decisions more quickly and effectively?”

Through visual exploration of statistical hypotheses that would have taken many months to complete, a junior Funding Circle data scientist was able to form a detailed understanding of many aspects of the business and its customers in just a few minutes using Point-Sigma. This resulted in faster and better decision making.

Finally, through a variety of important metrics, including campaign response rates, application success rates, credit rating, payment performance, and more, Funding Circle employs advanced analytics to monitor its performance.

“Tt is imperative for companies to associate that vast variety and volume of data with their other data to swiftly drive transformative insights and business outcomes,” stated Clifford McDowell, CEO of Doorda. “The universe of public data is expanding and evolving.” We are thrilled that customers like Funding Circle are getting a lot out of our data and working with on Point Sigma projects.

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