London Tech Week’s Fintech Fringe Forum, a dynamic platform, facilitates networking, insights, and showcases, empowering fintech companies in their growth journey.

A new platform called Fintech Fringe Forum has been developed by London Tech Week’s Fintech Fringe with the goal of assisting fintech companies in growing and scaling their businesses.

The Fintech Fringe Forum, also dubbed as “LinkedIn for Fintech,” provides fintechs with a place to network and share information. These insights address brand planning, regulatory compliance, consumer acquisition, and funding.

The platform also acts as a showcase for businesses, conferences, training sessions, and other activities that support the expansion and advancement of fintech firms.

Several important features are available to Fintech Fringe Forum members:

  • Engage with verified experts: Users can interact with professionals who have a track record of success working with fintech companies experiencing rapid growth.
  • Access resources and insights: To assist with fintech growth initiatives, the platform provides a plethora of tools and insights.
  • Investigate financial and ecosystem support: Fintechs can learn about the many financial support options that are accessible to them as well as the larger ecosystem, which includes venture capital funding and grants.
  • Find growth programmes and accelerators: There is a wealth of information accessible about growth initiatives and accelerator programmes designed specifically for fintech firms looking to scale.
  • Participate in discussion groups: Users have the option to take part in discussion groups, which offer chances for networking with peers and subject-matter specialists.
  • Keep up with industry events: Members of the platform are also kept informed about the most recent industry events occurring throughout the United Kingdom.
  • Take part in live events: The platform provides access to live events with leaders and professionals in the field.

The portal intends to provide more services in the future, such as job postings, courses, graduate employment possibilities, investor insights, and a well curated list of verified suppliers.


Creating Linkages

“UK fintech is one of the most robust, creative, and innovative industries in the world,” stated Calypso Harland, the founder of Fintech Fringe. Although this area has a highly developed ecosystem, not all forms of support, knowledge, and even individuals can be found in one location.

“The Fintech Fringe Forum seeks to strengthen the UK’s position as a global fintech hub by facilitating their search for and investigation of any and all resources that could aid in their expansion and growth. Additionally, the platform is made to support the development of communities and relationships that will assist fintechs achieve their objectives more quickly. A one-stop shop for anything related to fintech growth.

Upcoming occasions

FintechFringe has revealed the dates for its event series for the following year, coinciding with the debut of Fintech Fringe Forum. This event series, which is slated to take place from June 10 to June 13, 2024, is an official London Fintech Week peripheral event. The Department for Business and Trade, CFIT, Fintech Alliance, Innovate Finance, Level39, London & Partners, Rise by Barclays, and other well-known fintech companies are among the event’s important partners.

Additionally, FintechFringe is launching two brand-new event series. On November 9th, ‘Rise & Shine’ and ‘Mastermind: What Are the Alternative Funding Options for Fintechs?’ will take place. The goal of these practitioner-led event series is to empower fintech professionals in various business functions by offering content specifically tailored to their needs.

“We realised we were onto something after such a successful festival at London Tech Week this year,” Harland added. “People wanted to see us do more, telling us that FintechFringe was something unique and innovative. As a result, we’re taking action, beginning in November with a brand-new event schedule made possible by our wonderful collaboration with Rise, which was founded by Barclays. Together with the introduction of our innovative new platform, this implies that we can connect fintechs, specialists, and the ecosystem all year round.

The Fintech Fringe Forum queue is now open, and as of November 1st, both desktop and app users will have full access. Fintech companies have a great opportunity to network, gain knowledge, and develop within the fintech industry thanks to this platform.

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