The Liquidity Whitepaper, the newest in the Finalto Broker Series, provides brokers with best practices and industry knowledge. Discover Finalto’s market leadership in information sharing and brokerage support.

The introduction of a new Liquidity Whitepaper is being announced by Finalto Group as yet another outstanding addition to the Finalto Broker Series. As Finalto continues to be a market leader, this whitepaper and the whole Finalto Broker Series are intended to educate and serve as examples of best practices in brokerage.

The Finalto Broker Series is intended to emphasize and detail the wealth and depth of experience and information we have accumulated through many years of business dealing with numerous brokers, according to chief analyst Neil Wilson. We’ve created best practices over time, and we believe they should be shared and applied whenever possible.

In this whitepaper, we list the key elements to take into account when selecting a liquidity provider. Customized and ethical pricing is a primary concern at Finalto.

Liquidity is about pricing. Wilson says liquidity provision has no single solution. Clients want specialized liquidity from a large, reputable liquidity source.

Finalto decreases client spreads for bespoke pricing. Skewed price feeds help Finalto make middle-of-the-road offers and bids. Finalto combines liquidity sources to meet client demands.

The group also stresses the need of customizing its solution to customer demands. Finalto Group Head of Risk and Trading Andy Biggs says, “Tailoring our solution is modeled on a range of factors and will depend on trade size and the type of client.”

In order to meet the needs of a diverse clientele, Biggs continues, “our creation and careful management of deep and dynamic liquidity pools, as well as the technological development to support them, have been instrumental.”

Finalto’s Sustainable Pricing and Customized Approach Improve Liquidity

Strong and persistent feedback loops are also vital. Finalto creates several pools to satisfy consumer needs and prevent liquidity_providers from withdrawing or expanding pricing. We prioritize guiding clients.

Wilson says a sustainable pricing plan must be suitable for the client from the start. Finalto constantly optimizes pricing based on new data.

“By sustainable pricing, we refer not only to market depth but also to the resilience to market corrections and dislocations,” explains Wilson.

Thus, liquidity_providers’ adaptability and longevity are vital. Best practices from years of industry experience form the group’s liquidity strategy. This whitepaper and the Finalto Broker Series give information to help clients choose a liquidity provider.

According to Wilson, various consumers would have varied needs from their liquidity_provider.

The requirements for a retail broker looking to separate A-book and B-book clients who primarily trade FX and CFD equities indices are different from those of a macro or multi-strategy hedge fund. Furthermore, macro hedge funds are not subject to the same regulations as conventional long-short equity funds.

Finalto’s customizable, sustainable pricing and focus on customer demands make it a top liquidity_provider. The Liquidity Whitepaper and Finalto Broker Series should assist clients choose Finalto as their liquidity_provider.

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