The drone attack targeted a military factory in Isfahan on Saturday night, causing minor damage, according to authorities.

Iran has threatened retaliation for what seemed to be the most recent incident in a protracted covert war and has blamed Israel for last week’s drone attack on a military factory close to the capital city of Isfahan.

The Iranian assertion, which was published by the ostensibly official ISNA news agency on Thursday, supports statements made by American officials in the wake of the attack.


Iran summons Ukraine’s ambassador for remarks about a drone attack

Was a drone attack on an Iranian military facility orchestrated by Israel?

Iran claims the embassy attack shouldn’t have an impact on relations with Azerbaijan.

The incident took place in the midst of unrest at home and tensions between Iran and the West over Tehran’s nuclear programme, its provision of weapons, including long-range “suicide drones,” for Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Iran’s UN representative, Amir Saeid Iravani, wrote to the head of the UN claiming that “initial investigation revealed Israel was responsible” for the attack on Saturday night, which Tehran said didn’t result in any fatalities or significant property damage.

Iravani wrote in the letter that Iran “reserves its lawful and inherent right to defend its national security and decisively respond to any danger or wrongdoing of the Zionist government [Israel] wherever and wherever it deems necessary.”

International law is violated by the Zionist regime’s (Israel’s) actions.

An Isfahan military base was the target of the attack on Saturday. Iran claimed to have stopped the drones.

Israel, Iran’s arch rival, has long threatened Iran with military action if diplomacy fails to stop Tehran from developing nuclear or missile technology, but it makes no mention of specific occurrences.

Since September, negotiations to resurrect the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 have stalled. Tehran consented to restrict its nuclear activities in exchange for the lifting of sanctions under the agreement, which Washington abandoned in 2018 under then-President Donald Trump.

Israel has previously been charged by Iran with plotting attacks within Iranian territory using agents.

Tehran claimed in July that it had detained a group of Kurdish extremists who were working with Israel and planning to blow up a “sensitive” defence industry facility near Isfahan.

Iran’s Nournews reported on Wednesday that “the tools and explosives used in the Isfahan attack were transported into Iran with the cooperation of anti-revolutionary elements stationed in Iraq’s Kurdistan area under directions by a foreign security service.”

Isfahan Province is home to a number of nuclear facilities, including Natanz, the focal point of Iran’s uranium enrichment programme, which Israel is said to have sabotaged in 2021. In recent years, there have been several explosions and fires near Iranian industrial, nuclear, and military sites.

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