The majority of crypto aficionados despise Gary Gensler, the SEC’s chairman, for upholding the Securities and Exchange Act.

Gary Gensler, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, appears to have a personal grudge towards the cryptocurrency sector. From staking digital assets to suing Ripple (XRP), Gensler is slamming crypto companies with regulations.

A malicious enforcer of securities laws, Gary Gensler is hated by the majority of blockchain aficionados. It’s also feasible that adding more clarity to the regulation of crypto assets may promote the acceptance of digital currencies over the long run.

Is Gary Gensler really trying to kill Ethereum (ETH), or is he setting the groundwork for mass use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based financial services?

Gary Gensler: Who Is He?

Under Joe Biden’s administration, Gary Gensler serves as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s acting chairman. The SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple, the SEC’s crackdown on bitcoin exchange staking services, and his attempts to classify everything as a security have made him the most well-known figure in the cryptocurrency community.

Naturally, everything is done in the name of protecting consumers.


Gensler was reared in Baltimore, Maryland, where he was born. The future SEC chairman’s father, Sam Gensler, exposed him to finance from a young age. Sam Gensler worked as a pinball and cigarette machine manager for nearby clubs, and he frequently took Gary along to assist with counting nickels from his machines.

Gary Gensler attended the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business after finishing high school and earned a bachelor’s degree in economics there. The aspirational young Gensler persisted in his studies and eventually earned a master’s degree in business administration from the Wharton School.

With his MBA in hand, Gensler enthusiastically began his career in finance.

Career in the Profession

Gensler started working for Goldman Sachs, one of the most prominent investment banking companies in the world, in 1979. Gensler was employed by Goldman Sachs’ mergers and acquisitions division during the 1980s, especially assisting media businesses. This includes managing a group that helped the National Football League secure the then-most lucrative $3.6 billion broadcast agreement.

Gensler was one of the youngest bankers to ever become a partner at Goldman Sachs when he was just 30 years old. Afterwards, he rose to co-head the firm’s financial department.

Gensler in the Government

President Bill Clinton proposed Gensler for the position of Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury following his 18 years of service at Goldman Sachs. His career in politics and public service was launched once the U.S. Senate swiftly confirmed him for the position.

After serving in another agency for two years, Gensler became the Under Secretary for Domestic Finance. Gensler carried a heavy burden of obligations in this role. He was in charge of creating law and policy in crucial areas including fiscal affairs, public debt management, and capital markets.

Gensler received the Alexander Hamilton award, the highest distinction bestowed by the U.S. Treasury Department, in appreciation of his accomplishments and contributions in these capacities. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was signed by U.S. Senator Paul Sarbanes with Gensler’s assistance, and he was named as his top advisor in 2001.

Gensler was sworn in as the Chairman of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission under the Obama administration (CFTC). During the global financial crisis, he continued to gain the respect and admiration of his contemporaries, who saw him as one of the great reformers.

Security and Exchange Commission of the United States

Gensler was proposed by President Joe Biden for his present position as SEC Chair following the election of Trump and the Republican-controlled government. Gensler is leading the regulatory campaign against cryptocurrencies and is based in New York.

MIT’s Sloan School of Management claims that Gensler is an authority in digital money. Gensler has been imparting lessons on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency application cases to a new generation of students since 2018.

Against the Bitcoin Market: Gary Gensler

Gensler has declared war on cryptocurrency regulation since taking over as chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Most notably, he is in charge of the SEC’s protracted case against Ripple, which might influence how cryptocurrencies are regulated in the U.S. in the future.

Moreover, he has fined cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken millions of dollars for their staking offering. This spread anxiety, mistrust, and uncertainty across the cryptocurrency sector. Unfazed, other prominent exchanges like Coinbase and its founder Brian Armstrong voiced objections to Gensler’s enforcement measures.

Every cryptocurrency outside Bitcoin (BTC) is a security, according to Gary Gensler. Gensler asserts that every cryptocurrency token has a team of entrepreneurs operating a company behind it, using the Howey Test as a yardstick, and that investors expect to profit from those entrepreneurs’ labours.

It may be argued that this also applies to NFTs, however this is still debatable. NFTs are readily seen as simple collectibles as opposed to financial instruments.

Does Gensler’s Opinion Have That Much Weight?

Although Gary Gensler’s role as SEC Chair has a big impact on how crypto is regulated in the U.S., it’s vital to keep in mind that Gensler is not the law. The regulations governing the regulation of cryptocurrencies are not written by him. In fact, he has little control over how they are used.

The courts and federal judges in the United States finally decide these important cases.

Sam Bankman-Fried and Gary Gensler

It is indisputable that Gensler and Sam Bankman-Fried collaborated often while SBF was still the poster child for cryptocurrency. Prior to the FTX crypto exchange’s eventual demise, Gary Gensler and SBF met in private.

It’s rumoured that SBF coordinated with Gensler to create a legal buffer around FTX and dominate cryptocurrency trading in the United States. Although there are several ideas relating Sam Bankman-political Fried’s donations to public employees, none of them have been proven.

However, many cryptocurrency investors are eager to point out that Gensler is more focused in finding Ripple executives like Brad Garlinghouse than prosecuting accused offenders like SBF.

On the other hand

  • Gary Gensler has had a distinguished and prosperous career in banking and government, despite his image and perception within the larger cryptocurrency business.
  • Although he may be trying to impose more rules on cryptocurrencies, if you live outside of the US, his actions shouldn’t have any direct effects on you.

Why It’s Important

Gensler is actively involved in how cryptocurrency is regulated in the US as the Chairman of the SEC.

What is the wealth of Gary Gensler?

Bloomberg estimates Gary Gensler’s net worth could be as much as $119 million.

Who presided over the SEC before Gensler?

Jay Clayton served as SEC Chair before Gary Gensler was proposed for the job.

Who is the SEC’s boss?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is run by five people. The President proposes each candidate, who is then confirmed by the U.S. Senate. The Head of the Commission is then appointed by the President.

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