Analysts anticipate a successful future for the three coins, which are among the most intriguing crypto assets in 2023.

Several analysts have named TRX, ATOM, and Solana as top performers in the cryptocurrency market. Let’s examine them collectively.

Analysis of Solana, Cosmos, and Tron (TRX, ATOM) (SOL)

Analysts anticipate a prosperous future for TRX, ATOM, and Solana, three of the most intriguing crypto assets in 2023.

Tron (TRX)

The price of TRX is doing well and is currently at 0.067 Euro, posting a positive performance (2.46%), following a positive week and an even better month (+16.56%).

Contrary to certain cryptocurrencies that have lost as much as 10% of their value in the past month, TRX, the native cryptocurrency on the Tron blockchain, has had a positive month.

To the delight of investors who are profiting, the digital currency is now confirming its bullish trend.

The daily volume of Justin Sun’s Coin is €309,875,886 and the pricing value is €0.067129.

TRON is ranked 15th in the special market capitalization ranking with €6,145,707,422 compared to the 91,551,343,018 TRX supply.

The tool enables the creation of brand-new dApps, smart contracts, and the utilisation of a variety of decentralised financial initiatives.

Cosmos (ATOM)

The price of ATOM has reached €13.80 today, somewhat slowing the previous month’s ride.

Today’s high is 7% lower than the previous week’s high, but there is also good news.

As the Token lost 30% in February, ATOM’s 2023 generated a profit of +42.78%.

Considering the most recent news, Cosmos aims to recover.

The Terra issue, which announced the beginning of its own loan procedure, benefited Cosmos (ATOM).

Analysts predict that the network protocol on Cosmos Hub by the name of Mars Protocol will help Cosmos expand.

Analysts predict that the news will also increase the trading volume of the ATOM coin.

Before it takes off, the token will need to overcome several significant supports.

The first barrier to be overcome among them all is the one between $15.50 and $16 US dollars, followed at the top by the one between $19.50 and $20.50.

Several experts, however, are concerned that the Mars Protocol announcement will not be sufficient to give it life.

Over the entire year, these analysts see a gloomy prognosis for Cosmos (ATOM).

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) was having a tough time more than a month ago, but the turning point frequently occurs just when everything are about to fall apart.

The pattern has shifted over the past month, which has boosted the price of SOL.

The token is still rising even if the market is currently losing momentum.

The announcement that Helium will change its organisational structure to Solana’s Chain supports the cryptocurrency’s course.

Some insiders had their qualms about Helium embracing the Chain of Solana, but today’s confirmation dispelled any worries.

On March 27, there will be a switchover to the new blockchain, which will enable Helium to realise its full potential thanks to Solana.

Today, SOL’s token value continues its positive trajectory after rising 30% over the previous week.

The price of SOL has increased 11.75% from yesterday to €24.62.

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