Gas station owners in Italy went on strike in protest against the government, which they say is scapegoating them for high gas prices.

Just make sure you drive an EV if you’re going to pick on Italian gas station owners.

Italian gas station owners went on strike in opposition to the government, which they claim is using them as a scapegoat for high gas prices.

Fiscal Recession

Similar to many other countries, Italy introduced subsidies to shield its residents from the worst effects of the economic upheaval brought on by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing spike in fuel costs. In order to keep the nation’s Vespas and Fiats running smoothly, the country’s former prime leader Mario Draghi temporarily reduced fuel prices. However, there is a new sheriff in town.

Draghi was replaced as prime minister by Giorgia Meloni in October, and to almost no one’s surprise, her fiscal strategy is a little more bombastic. In addition to deciding to end the tax break in December, her government also charged petrol stations with speculative pricing:

Owners of gas stations imposed strikes that would extend for 24 to 48 hours starting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. In order to inform angry, perhaps stranded motorists, some stations posted posters stating that the strike was a “protest against the disgusting, slanderous campaign” by the government.

According to Bloomberg, the walkout has not significantly impacted Italy’s highways since cars filled up on gas in advance due to the feud between Meloni and the unions representing gas station owners.

Streikzeit! This week’s strikes over transportation did not just affect Europeans in Italy. All 300 scheduled flights at Berlin’s Brandenburg airport were cancelled on Wednesday as a result of a strike by ground crew and airport workers. Meanwhile, Amazon employees went on strike for the first time ever in the UK, where healthcare and transportation walkouts have been common. What does a Mexican wave have in common with Europe?

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