A customizable job description template for hiring world-class blockchain developers. Use this as the starting point for your next hire.

Crypto professions are more popular than ever. In 2022, the amount of cryptocurrency job searches surged, rising by 601% over the previous year, according to CoinJournal. More than ever, job seekers are eschewing the traditional, formulaic occupations in favour of exploring the vast world of Web3 and blockchain technologies.

But why is there such a huge influx of talent? Is it because professional players get paid in Bitcoin, like Tom Brady? Maybe it has to do with the lucrative wages promised to software engineers?

The time to begin looking for a blockchain job has never been greater. This essay will explain the reasons for the success of crypto job boards, the types of Web3 jobs available, and how you might begin your next career.

What Justifies Working in Crypto?

The reasons for beginning a career in cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly strong. The blockchain sector is developing quickly. It’s a great place to exercise your imagination because being at the vanguard of a developing technological revolution draws some of the world’s top experts in computer science and cryptography.

The idea of decentralised finance (DeFi) is intriguing and provides many opportunities for people all around the world. Blockchain technology gives individuals the ability to protect their online privacy and provides real ownership of digital assets. People can be freed from centralised systems, which provide custody issues, by creating services and applications in the cryptocurrency realm.

This is the ideal dream, of course. Maybe the truth is that most crypto professions come with competitive pay and flexible working hours. Additionally, with the growth of remote employment, it is no longer necessary to reside in New York or San Francisco to work for a top tech business.

Do you work full-, part-, or free-time?

Even at entry-level roles, a career in cryptography gives a lot of flexibility. Because the Web3 sector is international and the cryptocurrency market operates around-the-clock, blockchain startups typically have a multinational staff. Even if you work full-time for an organisation, you probably won’t have to adhere to a 9–5 schedule.

A lot of jobs are part-time or freelance, allowing employees to work on several projects at once. Freelancers and part-time employees can gain exposure to a variety of cryptocurrencies while they work because so many crypto jobs include native tokens in the payment terms.

Do Jobs in Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 Differ from One Another?

Although bitcoin, blockchain technology, and the Web3 movement are all distinct ideas, from a professional standpoint, they are all part of the same category. In light of this, it makes sense to do all three types of searches on Linkedin and job boards if you’re looking for employment in the sector.

What Cryptocurrency Jobs Are Available?

Contrary to popular belief, anyone may start a career in crypto, regardless of whether they are a giga-brain specialist like Gavin Wood or Charles Hoskinson. Due to the high wages of the blockchain sector, many Web 2.0 professionals are establishing themselves in the Web3 world.

Which crypto jobs have the highest salaries?

Tech Jobs

It seems sense that in such a specialised and niche industry, tech-based occupations are the best of the best. Some of the most sought-after minds in the sector are those with backgrounds in computer science and cryptography. Additionally, they must possess current, relevant knowledge of the theory, algorithms, and fundamentals of the blockchain.

Ethereum Engineer

The architecture and infrastructure supporting our favourite networks are built by blockchain engineers. Front-end developers take care of how a blockchain is presented to users, while back-end engineers deal with the blockchain’s foundation and servers.

These specialised software engineers must have a solid grasp of blockchain programming languages like Solidity or Rust and smart contracts.

Ethereum Developer

The blockchain developers create the apps and DeFi tools that we are most accustomed to while the engineers construct the network. It’s simple to comprehend the link between engineers and developers by visualising a highway. The road is functioning and stable thanks to engineers. The cars we drive every day are made by developers.

On a blockchain, every decentralised application (dApp) has a front end and a back end. Front-end developers, like engineers, create the components of the programme that we see and use, whereas back-end developers oversee all the contracts that are executed behind the scenes.

Take Uniswap, the most popular Ethereum app, as an illustration. The presentation of the website is made easy-to-use by a front-end developer. The back-end developer, meantime, makes sure that the site’s servers are operational and that the smart contracts’ communication with the blockchain is proper.

A full-stack software engineer manages the front and back ends of a website and is skilled on all sides. Because of this, full-stack developers are highly sought after professionals. Basic coding languages like HTML, Typescript, CSS, and Javascript are essential to know, as are more specialised ones like Golang and Solidity.

Analyst of data

There are other blockchain technology occupations outside developing dApps and network infrastructure. Data scientists assist crypto companies in making more educated decisions, just like in Web 2.0 industries. To obtain valuable insights that fuel corporate expansion, data scientists conduct extensive and complicated machine learning tests.

Python, SQL, and Scala are the languages that are most helpful in data research.

Nontechnical Roles

Don’t worry if you know nothing about computer science, code, or the metaverse. There are many crypto jobs out there for those without any prior IT skills. The majority of these positions are very transferable from other fields, making the transition to your first blockchain employment simple.

Manager of Business Development

Even if blockchain engineers build the most powerful network ever, adoption will be difficult without the necessary connections. Business development can help in this situation.

BD Managers assist crypto businesses in establishing profitable strategic alliances. One of the best business development teams in the sector, the Polygon network has forged alliances with some of the most well-known companies in the world, including Starbucks, Disney, and Meta.

Product Director

An essential component of any blockchain business is a product manager. Product managers identify the critical connections between consumer wants and business objectives. A good product manager anticipates the success of the company and its customers.

Marketing Director

Effective marketing might be argued to be equally vital to goods and services. Because people’s attention spans are shorter than ever in today’s culture, it is essential for new blockchain firms to have a skilled marketing manager.

Managers of marketing are in charge of the advertising efforts that draw attention to a company. Even if you have the best product in the world, if no one knows about it, it may as well not even exist.

Being active on social media is one of the finest ways to stand out in the bitcoin market. Because of this, social media managers who can generate viral content and build active online communities are equally as important as marketing managers.

Crypto Author

Let’s face it: From the outside, cryptography can appear to be difficult and daunting. To the typical person, it might be challenging to explain concepts and information about blockchain technology. Fortunately, there are crypto writers on standby to simplify complex concepts and act as a liaison between users and developers.

The market for authors in the cryptocurrency industry is very diverse. For instance, a technical writer creates documents that describe intricate blockchain tools and capabilities. By providing a steady stream of cryptocurrency market updates, news writers (like the staff here at DailyCoin) assist crypto aficionados in keeping their finger on the industry’s pulse.

Customer Service

Like in any business, occasionally issues arise and clients require assistance. A first job in cryptocurrency can be obtained by working in customer support. It’s simple to get started because these entry-level jobs typically don’t require prior understanding of cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology.

Furthermore, there is always a need for customer service personnel. Top cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and OKX are constantly recruiting for employees that wish to start their careers in Web3 professions.

Moderator/Community Manager

Another excellent approach to get a foot in the door is to work with growing crypto companies as a community manager or moderator. What many people fail to mention is that before something is publicly available, a lot of cryptographic content and information are discussed in Discord and Telegram groups.

To network, investors and community members enjoy congregating in crypto projects or NFT collections. Decentralized autonomous organisations, or DAOs, are created by like-minded groups where they may discuss the coins, tokens, and ecosystems they are interested in.

Community managers serve as a conduit between a cryptocurrency company’s core team and its patrons. They assist in matching the company’s objectives with the expectations of the general public by relaying development input from the community.

Community moderators, on the other hand, assist in running a business’s Telegram and Discord channels. This typically entails providing straightforward answers to common inquiries regarding the project, ensuring that talks stay on topic, and defending other members from con artists.

How Can I Find a Job in Blockchain?

The best approach to find a crypto job is to browse job boards for fresh openings, just like with any other field. As the blockchain industry continues to expand, firms are constantly seeking for new employees for both technical and non-technical positions.

Setting up job notifications on LinkedIn and other Web3 employment sites for positions that interest you is advised if you want a clue. Your chances of being chosen for an interview are frequently increased by being one of the first to apply for a new position.

On the other hand

  • More and more people are anticipated to move from traditional industries to Web 3 as the crypto area develops. The high salaries associated with cryptocurrency may decline as a result of increased competition in the area.

Why You Should Care

Many individuals are under the impression that in order to work in the cryptocurrency industry, you must be a software developer or have technical training.

This is not the case at all. For anyone wishing to begin working in Web3, the blockchain sector is bursting with non-tech job prospects.


Where Can I Find Jobs in Crypto?

On reputable websites like CryptocurrencyJobs, Web3Jobs, and CryptoJobsList, you may find fresh crypto job posts every day. Additionally, keep a watch on LinkedIn, where major firms frequently post blockchain positions.

Do You Need a Degree to Work in Crypto?

While it might be challenging to land a top job at a reputable crypto company without a degree, many crypto occupations don’t, either. Since the cryptocurrency sector has constantly defied expectations, you always have a chance to land your ideal crypto job as long as you have the necessary experience.

What Qualifications Are Required to Work in Crypto?

The abilities necessary may fluctuate slightly depending on the type of position you’re considering. A blockchain developer, for instance, needs to be familiar with Javascript, Rust, and Solidity. A social media manager should feel at ease expanding a Twitter account in the meanwhile.

What Can a Web3 Developer Expect to Make?

The pay scale for Web3 and blockchain developers varies depending on job and experience. Senior developers and engineers can make up to $200,000 USD annually, while entry-level developers can make between $70,000 and $100,000 USD.

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