Lanistar’s upgraded payments app enables users in Brazil to effortlessly buy and trade popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, keeping up with Latin America’s cryptocurrency craze.

The payment card provider Lanistar has upgraded its payments app to enter the market as cryptocurrency craze in Latin America (LatAm) rises. With the update, users in Brazil may now purchase and trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum right from the app.

Lanistar has a deep connection to cryptocurrencies. The company aims to adopt a varied, contemporary approach to money in keeping with its ideals about financial inclusion. The physical waste produced by utilizing plastic cards has been eliminated by Lanistar. Instead, it has relied on cryptocurrencies and digital cards as a possible answer to the issues that the underbanked and unbanked face.

Chief Commercial Officer of Lanistar, Merton Smith, spoke on the subject as follows: “The plastic-free virtual cards, it provides us that flexibility that we’re not just fastened to a table like a terminal in a fixed format: we’re virtual. Thus, the virtual follows users wherever they go.

“So, you know, we’re embracing crypto, and crypto is an example where there’s no- you know, it’s definite, it’s defined, and it’s there,” Smith said. “In my opinion, we assist those who are underbanked and underserved and who do not believe that these conventional financial institutions are speaking for them. And I believe that one solution that individuals have chosen as an alternative to these systems is crypto.

Substitute for conventional banking systems

Since the creation of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies have come a long way. Cryptocurrencies have become mainstream thanks to celebrities like Elon Musk and brands like Gucci and Starbucks. As a result, there are now more in-person use cases for digital currencies than ever before.

However, other people have chosen cryptocurrency for different factors. Many people in Brazil believe the country’s current banking systems have failed them. They have consequently turned to cryptocurrencies and the security that blockchain technology offers for solace. The product upgrade from Lanistar increases the accessibility of this alternative financing.

The CEO of Lanistar, Jeremy Baber, stated of the cryptocurrency exchange: “The interface is easy to understand. New investors may feel uneasy on some exchanges because they overload them with information. We want to create something that anyone can utilize with Lanistar. where consumers only need to log on and press a few buttons for their preferred cryptocurrency to appear in their account. That is the aim.

Brazil has access to the Lanistar app and its current crypto features. Later this year, the app is anticipated to arrive in the UK and other LatAm countries. Later this summer, further features will be made accessible. This will result in a complete “AnyMoney” solution, complete with a full crypto exchange providing send and receive capability.

Lanistar launches crypto app for Brazilian unbanked
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