Learn how LeBron James’ black RTFKT Nike Air Force 1 Genesis shoes, acquired only through NFT purchases using ETH, acted as a lucky charm in a game against the Golden State Warriors.

LeBron James wore black Nike Air Force 1 Genesis RTFKT shoes during a game. He scored 27 points and helped his team take a 3-1 lead against the Golden State Warriors. The shoes are considered lucky charms. The RTFKT version of the shoes can only be acquired by purchasing an NFT using ETH.

LeBron has not yet suffered a defeat while sporting the NFT shoes. He scored 27 points last night wearing the black and red RTFKT Nike Air Force Genesis NFT shoes, which led to 22 points and 11 rebounds to seal the victory.

RTFKT Nike Air Force 1 Genesis Trading Volume Skyrockets

The lucky charm NFT sneakers became a popular topic on Crypto Twitter after yesterday night’s triumph. The price of the RTFKT Genesis NFT skyrocketed to 0.3899 Ethereum (ETH), or $720. The 3D NFT capsules, which only have 1776 pieces available, initially cost between $360 and $400. Following the announcement, RTFKT extended the initial mint to Wednesday, May 10, 2023, at 12:00 EST.

Although the limited edition NFT sneakers are designed to look like the original Nike Air Force 1s from the Genesis series, they also have a number of innovative features. For instance, the Nike X RTFKT collaboration is a pioneer in the development of haptic feedback, auto-lacing, improved shoe lighting, and Move-to-Earn capabilities.

The metaverse and actual world are successfully combined in Nike’s campaign. In terms of NFT sales last year, the American athletic fashion juggernaut outperformed its principal rivals Adidas, Nike, Gucci, and Puma combined.

On the other hand RTFKT had previously said that only the United States is eligible to receive actual footwear. Second only until May 8th, 2023 can the RTFKT Genesis mint’s actual sneakers be redeemed.

One of the most popular fashion companies to venture into Web3 is Nike.

In the end

The limited-edition RTFKT Genesis NFT becomes popular after LeBron James wears them. The RTFKT Genesis NFT has haptic feedback, auto-lacing, better shoe lighting, and Move-to-Earn. Only the US can receive RTFKT Genesis NFT sneakers. Nike outsold Adidas, Nike, Gucci, and Puma in NFT last year. Nike is one of the most popular Web3 fashion brands.

LeBron RTFKT NFT Shoes Bring Luck Against Warriors
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