Littlepay revolutionizes Lima’s AEMUS bus network with open-loop payments for effortless travel using digital wallets or contactless bank cards.

Open-loop payments have been formally implemented throughout Lima, Peru, by Littlepay, a transit payments processing expert. Passengers utilising the AEMUS bus network can now pay for their travels with a digital wallet or a contactless bank card.

In order to integrate contactless payments into its infrastructure, system integrator SIMA, which runs Peru’s AEMUS fare collection system, has teamed up with Littlepay.

“We are very proud to be part of the first deployment of an integrated transit infrastructure in Peru,” said Didier Muguet, Littlepay’s LATAM regional manager. AEMUS is advancing the area and opening the door for a plethora of new inventions in the future.

The Planeta VSAM, a compact modular add-on that quickly activates complete EMV processing on the device by fitting into an available SAM slot, is a new innovation that SC Soft offers to the validators. And than EMV may be “switched on” with essentially no device development needed thanks to a plug-and-play pre-integrated solution from Littlepay and VSAM provider Planeta Informatica.

Furthermore for operators searching for a quick and simple way to accept bank cards on their transit systems, this might be a game-changer. IZIPAY offers merchant acquisition services through the Cybersource gateway of Visa.


“Combining the ecosystem of local transport”

Promoting sustainable mobility in the city, AEMUS is a syndicate of transit operators that operates bus services in the metropolitan districts of Lima and Callao. The association was founded by the four companies Urbanito, Etuchisa, Nueva America, and La50 with the goal of offering a dependable, secure, and inclusive network in the area.

They are currently making separate investments to roll out open-loop payments throughout their network. With intentions to roll it out across the network of 1000 vehicles within the next month, the founding businesses are presenting the new payment option on the first 400 buses.

Moreover, for the first time, inhabitants, commuters, and visitors to Peru may now pay for tickets on any AEMUS route by just tapping their contactless card. This is the first instance of an integrated ticketing infrastructure being implemented in Peru.

“Our aim, by uniting the local transport ecosystem, was to transform the lack of coordination and lack of efficiency of the current urban transport into a harmonised system,” said Luis Edgardo Ramirez Garcia, general manager of AEMUS.

“Starting with the launch of MOVILIZATE Card, a contactless digital payment option. Finally, we are able to offer a single service with integrated pricing and discounts thanks to our collaboration with several transit companies.

“It’s amazing to see the innovation that happens when a system integrator and modular partners work together,” Muguet said in his conclusion. Littlepay has had a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate how our modularity allows us to effectively support the requirements of any transit system.

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