Discover insights and accessibility measures for UK hearing loss in a new report by the Lending Standards Board. Gain community perspectives and enhance financial services’ accessibility for the d/Deaf community.

In the UK, there are 11 million people who have some form of hearing loss. Leading community leaders’ perspectives are included in a new report by the Lending Standards Board, a self-regulatory body that primarily regulates the financial sector. It offers important insights and considerations for ensuring that financial services firms understand d/Deaf cultures and how they can ensure accessibility for this community.

According to the survey, several banks may have underestimated the percentage of their clients who have some degree of hearing loss. The disease impacts 40% of those over 50 and 70% of those over 70 in the UK.

Although several aspects of financial services make them far less accessible for d/Deaf consumers and those with hearing loss, the Lending Standards Board report also shows that depending on third parties to aid them really increases the risk of fraud. Customers who are deaf or hard of hearing must rely on another person to communicate with financial services companies, which necessitates the sharing of personal data.

According to the paper, putting internal “champions” in place could be a crucial first step in solving the issue. It states that “hearing loss champions,” or those with actual lived experience of hearing loss, are people who can become a point of contact for others who have questions, give training, or present awareness workshops.

“Making a space that is more welcoming and accessible for all customers”

In the report’s foreword, Tom Pursglove, MP, the minister of state for people with disabilities, health, and employment, also expressed his support. Financial services affect all facets of life, according to Pursglove. It is crucial that the UK take all necessary steps to create a completely inclusive financial services sector that serves everyone, regardless of access requirements.

“[The report] is a crucial step toward our shared objective of making sure that all consumers can bank in a way that is convenient for them.”

Emma Lovell, the chief executive of the Lending Standards Board, expressed her delight in releasing a report that sheds light on the challenges encountered by the d/Deaf community when it comes to accessing banking and credit services. This report aims to draw attention to the specific difficulties faced by individuals who are d/Deaf and advocate for improved accessibility and inclusivity in the financial sector.

Placing accessibility at the center of design and execution creates a more inclusive and accessible environment for all customers, including those who have hearing loss. This helps ensure that every customer may have full and independent access to banking and credit. Businesses can continue to get better results for everyone by utilizing this research to think about how they now handle clients who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Community leaders can help UK hearing loss access
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