The collaboration focuses on customizing LLMs for faster financial analysis, utilizing BigQuery, and enhancing financial data search.

Moody’s Corporation and Google Cloud collaborate to accelerate financial insights and data summarization by fusing powerful generative AI with financial analysis skills.

Three main goals underpin Moody’s and Google’s relationship, which is centred around the global integrated risk assessment firm:

Creating customised LLMs to facilitate quicker financial analysis

With the use of Moody’s analytical know-how and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI gen AI platform, the partnership seeks to develop customised large language models (LLMs) intended for financial specialists. Additionally, these models will let users examine financial reports and disclosures more quickly and thoroughly, giving them direct access to information that is ready for decision-making.


Using BigQuery to retrieve Moody’s data to gain financial insights

Moody’s will make its proprietary datasets available via BigQuery, a serverless data warehouse offered by Google Cloud. Customers can now combine their own data resources with Moody’s vast datasets, which improves LLMs’ capabilities in Vertex AI. This synergy makes the creation and application of AI models possible, thereby enhancing productivity and delivering tailored solutions for financial professionals.

Enhancing financial data search within an enterprise

In order to improve productivity overall, simplify data aggregation, provide better insights, and connect multiple datasets, Moody’s wants to implement Vertex AI Search.

According to Nick Reed, chief product officer of Moody’s Corporation, “Moody’s deep expertise in understanding financial data, disclosures, and reporting uniquely position us to anchor development of fine-tuned large language models.”

“Research teams at Moody’s and Google Cloud will work together on improved LLMs and AI applications through this partnership, enabling financial services professionals to generate new, proprietary insights more quickly than ever before.”

“Our collaboration with Moody’s is a blueprint for how advanced gen AI technology can drive efficiencies for financial institutions and employees in the financial services industry,” said Phil Moyer, vice president of Google Cloud’s worldwide AI business and solutions.

“With the combination of Moody’s knowledge and Google Cloud’s state-of-the-art gen AI capabilities, we can help customers make better decisions and employees be more productive.”

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