Discover the fourth installment of the CryptoArt Monograph in NFT Magazine, which features a comprehensive look at the artwork and career of Ellen Sheidlin.

Following Angie Taylor, Joshua Davis, and Andrea Crespi, the #04 CryptoArt Monograph in the NFT Magazine is entirely devoted to Ellen Sheidlin.

The new CryptoArt Monograph, according to The NFT Magazine

She has more than 4.5 million Instagram followers, and major cities including Tokyo, Florence, London, Paris, and New York have hosted exhibitions of his art.

The #04 CryptoArt Monograph is dedicated to ELLEN SHEIDLIN, a young multimedia artist who is actively working with NFT.

For the first time, Auronda Scalera & Alfredo Cramerotti have painstakingly curated a collection of her survirtualism works.

The book in front of you presents a distinctive viewpoint on Ellen Sheidlin’s work by showing a number of pictures that come together to become an animated piece of art. The photos in this book represent frames from a bigger, moving or dynamic work rather than standard, static artworks.

This strategy alters the viewing experience and invites the reader to become fully immersed in the artist’s journey and creative process.

The new CryptoArt Monograph and the #05ISSUE2k23 of The NFT Magazine will be released simultaneously on May 1, 2023, at 8 PM CEST, both via the Nifty Gateway platform. Both the COVER DROP and the BookDrop NFT will last for 5 DAYS.

Visit NiftyGateway.com/collections/05issue2k23-ellen-sheidlin to see the ELLEN SHEIDLIN MONOGRAPH DROP.

Ellen Sheidlin, who are you?

Multimedia artist Ellen Sheidlin produces digital photos and videos, engages in painting and sculpture, and actively plays with NFT technology.

For over ten years, Ellen has used social media to build her author’s universe.

Ellen’s technique combines the digital and the physical. It blends the dreamy and the real, and the tangible and the ethereal. The artist refers to her technique as survirtualism. Ellen frequently includes her own likeness in her works. She uses her image to showcase the flexibility of our personalities.

Ellen aims to illustrate how many facets, sensations, and universes exist within each individual.

The book’s unreleased cover

Each Crypto Artist included in the book makes an unpublished piece that serves as an NFT cover between the physical and the digital worlds.

The Tokyo Art Fair, sponsored by Art Basel, displayed Ellen Sheidlin’s monograph piece, Whispers.

Regarding it, the artist says:

In this intriguing artwork, a group of ears symbolizes the diverse range of voices that contribute to our inner dialogue.

The ears whisper different thoughts, voices, illusions, judgments and love, reminding us of the complexity of the human mind. The whispers, while distinct and disparate, merge into a single voice that is both a reflection of the artist and a representation of the viewer’s internal dialogue.

The message is clear: all rumors are true, all these rumors are part of us, and it is up to us to embrace them and turn them into art. The last word spoken by the many whispers is a resounding affirmation: you are the art, and your inner world is a masterpiece waiting to be created .

Finding CryptoArt: The NFT Magazine Monograph

It’s time to talk about amazing crypto artists, their backgrounds, digital creations, and platforms and metaverses.

The NFT Magazine created the Crypto Art series Monograph with the most influential and forward-thinking curators to “timestamp” the current cryptographic art scene.

Rizzoli’s book “CRYPTO ART – Begins,” based on The NFT Magazine’s concept and ambition, was a major success. The international magazine continues to investigate and curate crypto art.

CryptoArt Monograph helps The NFT Magazine expose WEB3 digital art leaders each month.

Each artist creates an unpublished NFT linked to their monograph for readers to read and collect. They can exchange it for a limited-edition physical book that will arrive at readers’ homes and in the metaverse.

For the Crypto Artist, Curators, and Publishers to create the narrative and base of Crypto Art, each NFT has a distinct smart contract.

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