Mercedes-Benz went mad on Twitter to share all the details of “Maschine,” its new NFT range. Fingerprints DAO, Dutch artist Harm Van den Dorpel, and Mercedes-Benz collaborated to create this innovative concept.

The well-known German automaker Mercedes-Benz described its latest collection of generative art, NFT: Maschine, in a compilation of tweets.

As the artwork resembles a moving wheel, the collection, which includes 1,000 distinctive Ethereum-based tokens, explores the concepts of speed and perception.

Specifically, the “wagon wheel effect,” where spoked wheels appear to move in a way that contrasts with their true speed and direction, served as the inspiration for Maschine.

Harm Van den Dorpel, a Dutch artist, and Fingerprints DAO, an art collector, were the two primary contributors to Mercedes-Benz’s initial collection.

Van den Dorpel, a multidisciplinary artist working in Crypto Art since 2015, specifically developed and trained a neural network to recognize and pick the outcomes that best matched his artistic preferences.

While using AI in his work is nothing new for Van den Dorpel, Mercedes-Benz noted that this is his first fully 3D piece and the first time he has employed a proprietary neural network.

NFT News: Fingerprints DAO’s partnership with the Maschine collection

In keeping with previous tweets, Mercedes-Benz also mentions Fingerprints DAO, a collector of numerous NFT creations that helped launch the blockchain, including a collection of Autoglyphs from Larva Labs, Loot Bags, and other creations regarded “inimitable and irreplaceable.”

Indeed, the initiative was led by Fingerprints DAO, which will also serve as the venue for the upcoming Dutch “Maschine” auction on June 7th.

This is according to Luiz Ramalho, the creator of Fingerprints DAO:

Regular people that are mostly unaware of the developments in the Web3 space are likely to have their attention drawn to a collaboration like this… we can make them see that there is substance to artworks being made over here, artworks that couldn’t possibly be done without the use of these new technologies.

Mercedes-Benz has already indicated that it would offer three collections. The German automaker’s description of the other two, in addition to the first one containing generative art, is as follows:

Mercedes-Benz and its data platform built on Polygon

The well-known business has been experimenting with various Blockchain “products” since as early as 2019, in addition to looking at NFTs.

It decided to use Polygon as the foundation for its data sharing platform, Acentrik, last year in July 2022.

The AI group Ocean Protocol and Daimler South East Asia, a division of the Mercedes Benz Group, have unveiled Acentrik, a platform for data sharing that is not industry-specific.

This means that Acentrik can be used for a variety of data kinds, including clinical trial data, insurance data, and other sorts.

In particular, data is not saved on the blockchain but rather on an NFT that represents each dataset and is accompanied by a hash of metadata on Daimler’s blockchain-based platform for Mercedes Benz and Ocean Protocol. Then Polygon processes transactions.

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