NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are founded on the concepts of rarity and uniqueness, however the crowded NFT market may also encourage digital artists to go beyond. This was demonstrated once more during last week’s Paris Fashion Week when Jeff Staple, a pioneer in urban wear, and Gmoney, a renowned collector of digital art, displayed their “pigeon crap baseball hat,” which can be exchanged for a real baseball cap via NFT.

This limited edition 9dcc x Stapleverse baseball cap is made of pigeon droppings. Gmoney, a fervent supporter of NFT, is currently dispensing digital autographs. These function similarly to the Proof of Attendance Protocol, which is frequently utilized at actual events.

The OG of digital art collectors, Gmoney, boasted, “We tap your hat, sign our phone, and you receive an autograph NFT that you attach to your hat. Gmoney is recognized for collecting high-end NFT art and founding the cryptocurrency luxury art house 9dcc.

Offers Black Rocks NFT Throwables from OpenSea?

Just a few days after BlackRock said they will be submitting an application for the first Bitcoin ETF, another brand-new display at the NFT nuthouse went live. Internet magicians claim that using this black rock as a non-fungible token can help you deal with the fallout from bad financial decisions.

These purportedly calming BlackRock NFTs, however, are not connected to the global financial firm. Despite this, their newly submitted Bitcoin spot ETF started a bull run and produced an enormous number of social mentions for cryptocurrency.

Additionally, the floor price for these Black Rocks manufactured by fans is 0.23 Ethereum (ETH). The black rock-themed NFT collection reached its peak on July 22nd, 2023, when 68 sales were made, per OpenSea’s statistics. This novel NFT project currently generates up to 30 purchases per day.

On the other hand:

  • Despite the module, physical signatures are still required for the digital autographs.
  • On Crypto Twitter, NFT supporters are perplexed by the high price.

Non-fungible token prices have been declining throughout the majority of 2023.

Jeff Staple and Gmoney showcased a unique “pigeon crap baseball hat” during Paris Fashion Week
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