OnChainMonkey (OCM) has recently announced the upcoming release of OCM Dimensions, a captivating collection of generative art NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The introduction of OCM Dimensions, a forthcoming collection of generative art NFTs on Bitcoin, was announced by OnChainMonkey (OCM).

In essence, OCM Dimensions seeks to demonstrate a novel approach to engrave high-quality art on Bitcoin while utilizing constrained block space, a task that others have not met.

The artwork, which offers a peek into each Satoshi with intricate depictions of light, movement, and vibration, was totally written in code.

One of the first collections of 3D NFTs on Bitcoin, OCM Dimensions intends to show that these immersive works can be released effectively without degrading the functionality of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

NFTs on Bitcoin: Metagood and OCM Dimensions jointly developed OCM Dimensions.

Behind the new OCM line is Metagood, a renowned art and engineering group. Danny Yang, co-founder and CEO of Metagood, commented on this topic as follows:

Metagood’s vision for the OnChainMonkey community and the entire OCM project is to create a prosperous global nation that prioritizes financial enrichment, physical health, social connection, and purposeful impact.

Our latest collection offers community members the opportunity to become early adopters of not only historic, high-quality Bitcoin NFTs, but also the most efficiently inscribed Bitcoin NFTs available today.

As they are engraved on satoshis from January 2009 (the month Bitcoin was launched), these NFTs were created especially for Bitcoin. Both Bitcoin miners and users won’t be impacted by the launch while using the Ordinals protocol.

The first 300 OCM Dimensions will be issued on Bitcoin directly, and the remaining collection (up to 2,000 NFTs) will be issued on Bitcoin using burnable Ethereum NFTs that the first collection of OCM Genesis NFTs can devour in order to issue their corresponding OCM Dimensions on Bitcoin over time.

Inscribed with around 12 million Ordinals

As of this writing, more over 12 million Bitcoin Ordinals NFT inscriptions have been made, according to data from Dune Analytics.

The entire growth curve has quadrupled in just one month, but compared to early May 2023, the number of daily inscriptions appears to be leveling out.

Indeed, between 60,000 and 150,000 Bitcoin Ordinals NFT daily inscriptions have been made thus far this month.

Nothing like the inscriptions that were recorded on May 1—372,000 inscriptions were recorded in just one day. On May 7, there were 400,091 inscriptions per day, which was a record.

Returning to the present, the graph showing the different types of Ordinals shows that text-based inscriptions continue to dominate with 90% of the total, followed by graphics in all their forms.

Image source: OnChainMonkey
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