OneID uses ‘Zero Bias’ AI to verify digital IDs for financial services, employment screening, and e-signature transactions using IDVerse.

OneID, a provider of digital identification services, has teamed with IDVerse, a provider of digital ID verification, to give OneID customers with global coverage and more options for ID proof.

In accordance with the new cooperation, IDVerse will provide OneID’s customers with additional digital identity verification (IDV) solutions that offer cutting-edge document checking and real-person checks.

OneID will use IDVerse’s AI-tested ‘Zero Bias’ technology to provide more capabilities to serve mission-critical financial services, employment screening, and e-signatures transactions.

With 99.999% accuracy in independent lab testing, IDVerse has used generative AI to teach deep neural network systems to guard against discrimination based on race, age, and gender.

Adrian Field, OneID’s head of market development, spoke on the collaboration:

“As a bank-based UK identity program, OneID gives anyone who uses online banking the fastest and safest means to authenticate who they are online.

“OneID has selected IDVerse as its partner for document-based ID in order to broaden its appeal to people who don’t bank online and to provide worldwide ID capabilities.

“They deliver the best services and AI technologies, which also enhance OneID’s offering. Additionally unmatched are their next-generation, app-free document recognition and selfie matching capabilities, which eliminate friction from the onboarding process and enable organizations to provide a positive customer experience.

Russ Cohn, general manager of EMEA at IDVerse, announced that OneID customers can now enjoy the benefits of our extensive global document coverage, forensic fraud analysis, and Zero Bias AI tested neural network trained on generative AI.

“Whereas previously paper-based processes caused severe friction, our collaboration will greatly simplify and streamline their customer experiences. By replacing current techniques and enabling the full use of digital ID verification, giving clients several options to quickly and securely confirm their identity will help businesses raise conversion rates and save a lot of money.

OneID and IDVerse team together

Online transactions are safeguarded by the most cutting-edge anti-fraud technologies thanks to OneID, which uses data that has been confirmed by banks. About 50 million UK adults already have access to it in real-time, which helps shield consumers and businesses against online fraud.

With 20 certifications for Right to Work, Right to Rent, and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) from the United Kingdom’s Digital Identity & Attributes Trust Framework, IDVerse also holds the record for the most IDSP certifications. Finally customers of OneID will now have access to a variety of UK Government ID profiles.

OneID partners with IDVerse
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