Red Bull Doodle Art competition for this year includes the opportunity for student artists to design and mine their own Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) alongside Crossmint and Burnt Toast.

The NFT component has been included to Red Bull Doodle Art for this year. Student artists will have the chance to design and mine their own Non-Fungible Tokens in addition to Crossmint and Burnt Toast.

NFTs are now a part of the impulsive drawing competition Red Bull Doodle Art

The annual Red Bull Doodle Art competition has a brand-new twist this year and pushes pupils to produce creative drawings that demonstrate their inventiveness.

The ability to generate and mine one’s own instinctual drawings will be given to winners in NFT. Additionally, at the World Finals, these Non-Fungible Tokens will be mined and sold at auction.

Crossmint, a top provider of NFT infrastructure, granted all participants a trial NFT membership and portfolio, with seamless onboarding handled by Crossmint, as part of this added service.

This is an exceptional chance for young artists to advance their work.

This year’s Red Bull Doodle Art competition has received submissions from up to 120,000 participants across 62 nations. Only one national champion from each nation advances to the 2023 World Finals, which will be held in Amsterdam from May 25–27.

Young painters like Samora Bazarrabusa, nicknamed Oibel1, who talked about sketching his first Kenyan on art and NFT at the Red Bull Doodle Art finals in Switzerland, were all over Twitter at the time.

Crossmint and Burnt Toast join forces with Red Bull Doodle Art and NFT.

Thanks to Crossmint and Burnt Toast, the illustrator, designer, animator, and muralist who created the automatic drawings, NFTs were able to be included in the Red Bull Doodle Art competition.

Co-founder of Crossmint Rodri Fernandez Touza said:

NFTs are transforming the art world, enabling creators to build unique experiences and monetise in new ways. However, web3 is still too complex for most artists. 

We hope that this competition and the seamless cryptocurrency onboarding experience, thanks to Crossmint’s coin portfolio and infrastructure, will enable a new generation of artists to participate in NFTs.

Overall, Crossmint and Burnt Toast have emerged as significant players in this effort, each striving to inform the next generation of blockchain aficionados and digital artists.

Students may now own and profit from their artwork more than ever thanks to the power of NFTs.

International beverage companies, artwork, and non-fungible tokens

Three primary elements come together in this year’s Red Bull Doodle Art competition: Red Bull, the well-known beverage brand; the artwork of the young competitors; and NFT, which introduces art to the blockchain.

It has been done before, therefore this combo is not new. In fact, the world’s largest beverage company, Coca-Cola, began testing NFTs in July 2021.

In fact, Coca-Cola had manufactured and auctioned its first NFTs on OpenSea in honor of World Friendship Day on July 30. These NFTs were inspired by common friendship situations.

The four-day auction of Coca Cola’s iconic NFTs raised money for Special Olympics International, a longtime ally and business partner of the beverage company.

In addition, to commemorate World Friendship Day once more, Coca-Cola’s 2021 Friendship NFT holders received fresh NFTs created on Polygon in July 2022.

The Coca-Cola giveaways in this instance were generative and shared NFTs because they were bottle design artworks that could only be appreciated when shared with a friend.

Red Bull Doodle Art
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