Young Platform is a great place to start communicating with the world, and its Pro edition allows individuals who want to take a few more steps to advance.

Let’s take a look at Young Platform, an Italian cryptocurrency exchange that offers both a free and a paid “Pro” version.

What services Young Platform provides and how it functions

This centralized exchange requires registration and identification verification in order to be used.

Due to its proper registration with the OAM Registry of Virtual Currency Operators, Young Platform is obligated to abide by Italian laws, which include the need for identification verification for all users. You can register and then verify your identity using both the appropriate web platform and mobile app.

It’s important to remember that the Young Platform initiative was initially born in 2018 with an app, making it a mobile-first platform that is mostly used on smartphones.

In fact, it even has a smartphone app called Young Platform Step that uses smartphone monitoring to pay you in tokens for the steps you take during the day. After signing up, you must deposit money before you can start buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

The platform accepts the euro as a fiat currency and supports bank transfers, credit or debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Satispay for euro deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, it permits gift card deposits, which are deposits of euro credits that may be used to buy cryptocurrencies.

There are almost 30 cryptocurrencies that are supported, including those that run on the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks, Matic, and a number of other important blockchains including Ripple, Stellar, and Algorand. Nevertheless, Binance Smart Chain and Tron are not supported.

Young Platform also offers crypto-to-crypto exchanges and recurring purchases.

A centralized exchange has custodial wallets. The exchange operators own its wallets, therefore users who deposit tokens entrust them to them. The P&L (Profit & Loss) wallet enables users track their crypto portfolio’s performance and see any losses or profits.

It’s a universal trade for beginners. It is straightforward to use and was later joined by a more extensive Pro version.

The Pro version

Young Platform Pro, on the other hand, is an advanced exchange for merchants and experienced users.

Pro provides indicators, APIs, and analysis tools to help users create customized trading strategies.

Limit orders, stop orders, and complex chart reading make the Pro version unsuitable for beginners. The basic version lacks intermediate or advanced functionality.

Since the account is the same, you can switch between versions anytime. The euro and crypto wallets are identical, therefore both exchanges have the same balances.

Because more sophisticated or younger cryptocurrencies may carry larger risks, only the Pro version enables more cryptocurrencies and trading pairs.

Some cryptocurrencies were left out of the basic beginner edition because they need a high level of specialized knowledge. The basic version has no balances for pro-only currencies. The same version cannot display transactions.

Each version displays only exchange transactions. However, most users who use the basic version do not use Pro, and vice versa, but many start with the basic version and progress to Pro.

The academy

Young Platform’s Academy provides materials to help newbies enter this world.

These resources address trading, blockchain, economics, technology, and cryptocurrency. The glossary is also useful for learning the many technical terms used in this field that most people don’t understand.

Young Platform is undoubtedly an excellent place to start when interacting with the world, and the fact that it also offers a Pro edition enables those who desire it to start down a path of expansion and growth by taking even a few more steps than the original, easy ones.

Young Platform
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