Nemesis Metaverse unveils NEMS currency with a staggering 2170% price surge within 24 hours, reaching $2.27 from $0.20, as reported by Btcex.com. Stay tuned for the latest updates in the metaverse.

The Nemesis metaverse has already released its NEMS currency. According to data from Btcex.com, the price of the token increased by 2170% in just 24 hours, from $0.20 to $2.27.

The Nemesis’ official Twitter account broke the news as follows.

What does The Nemesis metaverse’s NEMS token stand for?

The Nemesis Metaverse debuted NEMS, a new ERC-20 payment currency, on May 8 in partnership with Coinbar. The goal of the token is to open up new opportunities for NFT users and holders.

Users will have the ability to exchange the in-game currency COINS for NEMS and other currencies, purchase NEMS from reputable listed exchanges, and utilize it for acquiring goods on the upcoming Marketplace.

In other words, the NEMS token launch is another important step toward the creation of a fully-fledged platform for playing and earning, together with the imminent public auction of their third collection of NFTs: lands.

In reality, The Nemesis Metaverse aims to actively implement the Play and Earn principle, which forms the foundation of the platform, allowing users to earn money while playing.

The NEMS token launch price in all phases

The Nemesis Metaverse wishes to thank its community with the debut of the new NEMS token by providing an exceptional pre-launch opportunity at a price of only $0.15 per NEMS token, exclusively on the Coinbar exchange.

Only owners of The Nemesis utility NFTs would then be able to buy it. It’s important to note that the operation was a huge success because everything was sold out in less than 24 hours.

NEMS’s voyage, in any case, proceeded with the launch of its on Cryptosmart on May 10. All users were given equal access to the offering at a uniform price, with a minimum package requirement of $200. Moreover, an additional incentive of NEMS was provided for every purchase.

Then, on May 20, a TGE (coin Generation Event) on the well-known exchanges BTCEX and UNISWAP made the NEMS coin available to the general public. According to the roadmap for The Nemesis Metaverse, it will also be accessible on other significant exchanges like BingX and BitMart in the coming weeks.

As observed, The Nemesis prioritizes providing consumers with a diverse array of options and opportunities. The official website showcases the following offerings:

We understand the importance of providing different earning possibilities and the freedom to trade NEMS according to individual preferences. As the 1st Metaverse Platform ranked in the top 20 Web3 Virtual Worlds by Metaversed, The Nemesis aims to deliver an unmatched platform experience, offering a comprehensive Play to Earn system.

What is the new Metaverse token good for?

It is common knowledge that the metaverse does actually provide limitless possibilities, despite its critics and conundrums.

As a result, users will be able to buy NFT Lands and NFT Collections with the new NEMS token (which are now 50% cheaper if you have a Companion).

These are virtual spaces in The Nemesis Metaverse where people can create their own distinctive and individual worlds.

The possibilities don’t stop there, though, as you will also be able to exchange COINS for NEMS and even buy materials to personalize your Metaverse or special skins for your avatars in the future Marketplace.

In essence, NEMS will make sure to be an invaluable resource for users, regardless of their goals, whether they are to make money or invest in their business or project inside one or more regions.

Finally, The Nemesis website highlights their distinctiveness and distinction from the various tokens that circulate the crypto world:

What sets us apart from other platforms is that The Nemesis is not simply a crypto platform; we are a metaverse platform built on a circular ecosystem. Our NFTs contain game and platform utilities, and over time, as we introduce AI-powered enhancements, their value will continue to grow as our brand itself grows.

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