Web3.Conference is the greatest way to explore Web3 – explore, learn, network, and receive insights on the latest internet standard trends and use cases.

The best event to help you navigate the fascinating world of Web3 is the Web3.Conference. Discover the newest trends and use cases within this new internet standard by exploring, learning, networking, and gaining insights. The conference promises a day full of educational discussions and networking with a lineup of well-known speakers, business leaders, marketers, developers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Major subjects include:

  • The impact of Web3 projects on how we live Web3 infrastructure: Creating Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • Business Web3 NFT usage cases
  • Will social media be made or broken by Web3?
  • The metaverse’s and gaming’s roles in the new Web3 reality
  • Tips for investing in Web3
  • The impact of AI on the direction of Web3

The next version of the internet, known as Web3, is a popular topic right now because it prioritizes decentralization, privacy, and user empowerment. Due to its potential for innovation and disruption as well as the substantial shift it represents in how we view and use the internet, Web3 has attracted the attention of investors, developers, and business owners.

TheWeb3.Conference kicks up on May 19 in the exciting metropolis of Amsterdam. It has a diverse cultural landscape, with many museums, galleries, theaters, and events. But that’s not all; while you’re in Amsterdam, you can take part in incredible side events and a memorable afterparty that are exclusively for attendees of TheWeb3.Conference.

Many NFT initiatives, Web3 builders, investors, marketers, producers, developers, CEOs, and others will be present to share their expertise and present special chances for future development. By interacting with people and organizations who share your enthusiasm for Web3, the event will provide much more than just networking opportunities.

Amsterdam’s AroundB has organized several events. Conference is one. The beautiful Gothic revival Vondel Church hosted the 2022 Conference and How to DEX. DeFi Exchanges. Both sold out. It is anticipated that the next Web3.Conference will surpass this accomplishment.

Do you want to work with us and provide our support to this event? Partners and sponsors have a wide range of choices with AroundB. You can apply for a speaker spot if you have knowledge to impart.

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