Rising living costs reshape UK spending, with 20% prioritizing dining experiences. Dojo finds a shift towards valuing exceptional moments.

The majority of Britons have surely been compelled to reevaluate where and what they spend their money on due to the rising cost of living. The amount of money spent on eating out is one area where many people have realised changes are necessary; as payments company Dojo has shown, consumers now place a higher value on having the “right” experience than ever before.

Given this, Dojo found that 20% of British adults appreciate pubs and restaurants more than they did a year ago since they feel more pressure when they have to pay. 25% of travellers look for places guaranteed to be wonderful to maximise their trip.

Thirty-three percent believe a fantastic restaurant or bar experience is more important than saving money, and sixty percent say their spending has stayed the same or increased over the past year.

Eighty-four percent of Brits believe that swift, friendly, and efficient service and payment processing are essential to a nice pub or restaurant experience.

Twenty-three percent of respondents said they would search for another location and probably wouldn’t go back if a restaurant or bar seemed like it might take too long to serve them.

Additionally, about 29% of respondents say they prefer to pay for their food and beverages at the time of ordering, and 56% say they have a better experience when they receive their bill quickly.

Approximately 26% of respondents indicate that they would be willing to reward prompt service with a larger gratuity, indicating a preference and appreciation for a seamless and effective eating experience.

spending habits

Technology improving interactions with customers

According to Dojo’s research, technology has the potential to greatly enhance customer and employee experiences at restaurants and bars by enabling them to turn tables faster.

Because of this, it has introduced the “Dojo Pocket,” a new card reader that is ergonomically designed to fit into a server’s pocket or apron and is the same size as a contemporary smartphone.

Dojo Pocket gives clients the option to pay right now and lets staff handle orders and payments from guest tables.

Dojo has suggested that venues might save as much as four minutes in service time per table overall. Now is the critical moment to seat more patrons and concentrate on providing outstanding hospitality that distinguishes their restaurant and ensures that visitors have a wonderful time.

“It is encouraging to see that Brits still seek to support both small and large hospitality businesses and continue to value a fantastic night out, enjoyable lunch, and memorable get-togethers across Britain’s high streets,” said Jon Knott, head of consumer intelligence at Dojo.

“Technologies such as Dojo Pocket improve service speed and enable employees to concentrate on delivering remarkable experiences while accelerating table turns.”

Dojo clarified that it thinks that cutting-edge technology like Dojo Pocket and sophisticated procedures like next-day payments to retailers are essential advancements in the payments industry.

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