Stablecoins strive for stability in the crypto market, linked to assets like gold or fiat currencies. Yet, concerns arise, questioning their true resilience.

As the name implies, stablecoins are digital currencies that are intended to keep their value steady. They are frequently linked to conventional assets like commodities (like gold) or fiat currencies (like the USD and EUR). Stablecoins are intended to bring stability to the very unstable world of cryptocurrencies, but they are not without difficulties and possible downsides that could cause them to be less stable than their name suggests. The stability of stablecoins is called into question for five reasons:

Market Reliance

Stablecoins are highly dependent on the underlying assets to which they are tied for stability. The stability of the stablecoin may be directly impacted if these assets’ markets experience notable fluctuations. For instance, a stablecoin may become unstable if it is tied to the US dollar and the dollar depreciates or undergoes inflation.

Risk of Centralization

Certain stablecoins are centralised, which means that just one organisation issues and controls them. Because of the potential for lack of accountability and transparency, users may become victims of issuer fraud or poor management as a result of this centralization. Should the issuer encounter legal or financial difficulties, the stability of the stablecoin may be jeopardised.

Uncertainty in Regulations

The stablecoin regulatory landscape is continuously developing. Stablecoins may be subject to various regulatory restrictions according on the jurisdiction, and regulatory changes may have an effect on how they operate. Investors’ and users’ confidence may be impacted by this uncertainty.

Issues with Liquidity

For stablecoins to be stable, there must be enough liquidity. Issues with liquidity may arise if there is an abrupt increase or decrease in the demand for a stablecoin. In severe circumstances, this can cause the stablecoin’s value to stray from its fixed amount.

Concerns about Transparency

Users may not always be able to see the steps stablecoin issuers take to ensure stability. A lack of transparency may cause people to become sceptical and question the coin’s stability.

It’s crucial to remember that not every stablecoin has the same problems, and some are built with stronger safeguards and greater transparency than others. When using or investing in stablecoins, users and investors should thoroughly investigate and evaluate the collateral, issuer reputation, and stability measures.

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