The experiences of four cancer survivors who discussed their mental health concerns with their doctors are shared.

“In addition to not working, I am still battling cancer. while continuing to look after my ailing parents, my mother and father. For someone like me who is tough, even if the value is modest, it is really valuable.”

A Malaysian investor with cancer recently revealed that he had been conned out of RM100 in internet investing. This sum is comparable to a single drop of water compared to the size of the entire market. Not much, yet sufficient to recognise the evil of con artists.

5000% gain in under 5 hours?

The investor claims that his mother was persuaded to invest after viewing a message on investing on social media. Afterwards he assisted his mum in opening an account.

He was conned into investing in a package that required a minimum RM100 payment and offered a return of up to RM5,000 in 3 to 5 hours! The return increases as you invest more. The fraudster presented two documents claiming that the investment business had received approval from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and the Securities Commission of Malaysia while promoting the investment and displaying the name of Dato Dr. Nazri Khan, a well-known Malaysian investor (SC).

After hearing the introduction, the victim gave the con artist the desired RM100. After around three hours, the con artist stated that the account had generated a profit of RM5,000 and demanded RM300 from the investor in order to withdraw the money. The employees was unable to provide any other logical explanations when the victim questioned why the RM300 cost was required and kept referring to it as a “temporary deposit” over and over. Since he started to have doubts, the investor decided against making another transfer to the other firm.

He contacted Dato Dr. Nazri Khan after discovering his social media broadcast the next day. At that point, the patient realised that Dato Dr. Nazri Khan did not run the investment firm he had earlier contacted and that a con artist had stolen the renowned investor’s name.

The con artist’s falsehoods were quickly uncovered by the victim. The con artist first resisted acknowledging that the victim had actually gotten in touch with Dato Dr. Nazri Khan and reported being conned. The con artist’s attempt to demonstrate his innocence by requesting a transfer was even more ridiculous: “I can be trusted after submitting RM300 within 10 minutes profit can come in.”

In the end, the fraudster realised that the victim would not be duped, and his demeanour changed to one of arrogance. He continued to appear unconcerned even when the term “police” was mentioned and stated, “You may report if you don’t believe me.”

Brutal con artists

Scam artists defraud for profit. And the con artists show no pity, regardless of the suffering of the victim.

Some people in the dangerous market make a lot of money, while others lose everything they have. Individuals without extra cash should not view investing as a lifesaver because the majority of “short-term high-return investment schemes” available are frauds. You will undoubtedly learn a hard lesson if you fall for such con games and invest your money in them or even borrow money to do so.

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