Explore sustainable choices as Uswitch.com collaborates with Raylo to introduce mobile device leasing, easing cost burdens and reducing electronic waste.

While there has been a global rise in climate consciousness, the rising cost of living has made it challenging for people to continuously choose the more environmentally friendly, but frequently more expensive, purchasing options. Uswitch.com, a pricing comparison and switching website based in the UK, has teamed up with eco-friendly company Raylo to give customers the option to lease mobile devices and lessen electronic waste in an effort to address these challenges.

Uswitch and Raylo were aware of how common the “buy-and-dispose” cycle was when it came to mobile devices. They launch a brand-new device leasing business with the intention of upending this by giving clients greater freedom and more affordable monthly costs compared to buying a device outright.

One, two, or three-year subscriptions to the new service are available, and there is no up-front cost to upgrade to a new phone at the conclusion of each subscription term.

The leasing model might also lessen electrical waste, making it a good option for eco-conscious consumers and fans of technology. Raylo repairs and reuses the phone at the end of each lease. This prolongs their lifespan and lessens the environmental effect of the devices by keeping them out of drawers and landfills.

‘Device hibernation’ and electronic waste

Over 80% of e-waste is landfill-bound, with just around 17.4% of it being legally recycled. Phones are typically used for 2.3 years before entering a period of “device hibernation” that Raylo refers to as 3.7 years.

Devices are frequently completely abandoned and forgotten about during this time, collecting dust in a drawer rather than continuing to serve as useful tools for other people. With its circular design, Raylo hopes to greatly increase a phone’s useful life to about six years.

In response to the launch, Raylo’s co-founder and CEO, Karl Gilbert, said: “Our circular leasing model makes sustainable options more accessible, and we’re committed to working with partners like Uswitch to bring our leasing service into the mainstream.”

Many people would welcome creative and reasonable ideas to reduce home expenses as prices continue to climb.

Consumers are requesting greater flexibility, according to Ru Bhikha, a mobile expert at Uswitch.com: “We know our clients want more choice and control over their phone contracts. By combining SIM-only plans with SIM-free phones, we provide our clients the freedom to customize their device selections to their unique needs.

In light of the present financial crisis, “our partnership with Raylo helps us offer consumers the chance to switch up to the newest handsets every year without having to pay top whack.”

Lease mobile devices
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