Wally introduces WallyGPT, a secure generative AI assistant, to alleviate privacy concerns and ensure the safety of personal financial information in their smartphone app for managing personal money.

Personal finance management is challenging, and many people are reluctant to adopt new technology out of concern for their financial security. Wally, a smartphone app for managing personal money, is introducing WallyGPT, a generative AI assistant, in an effort to allay privacy concerns and guarantee the security of financial information.
The modern financial environment is one where personalization is crucial for success.

If customers believe they will be treated better elsewhere, they are more than willing to leave their existing organizations. In light of this, WallyGPT offers its clients a focused experience. In addition to providing insights into investment options and financial literacy, it also helps users better prepare for their future by providing answers to inquiries about their financial background.

“Wally has always been at the forefront of personal finance management, and the introduction of WallyGPT is a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation,” said Saeid Hejazi, CEO and co-founder of Wally. WallyGPT, in our opinion, will enable our consumers to make more educated financial decisions while upholding the highest levels of privacy and security.

Since its beginning, Wally has assisted users in keeping track of their wealth. Additionally, by linking their bank accounts to the app, they can track their spending and budgets globally. Wally has won multiple awards for its charts, graphs, tables, and notifications. These consist of:

  • Apple’s “Top Finance App”
  • The “year’s expense tracker” through Investopedia
  • by Medici, “global best-in-class”
  • A lovely budgeting app for those who detest math through Glamour magazine

Ensuring the safety of data

The company’s new AI service takes the protection of consumer data very seriously. Wally has never divulged, sold, rented, or traded personal or financial data. In accordance with these principles, WallyGPT not only delivers little data in specific settings to prevent tracking, but also deletes the data 30 days after learning it. No sensitive information, including banking or account information, or other data from WallyGPT, is ever shared or utilized for training.

The fact that Wally implements various markets’ cybersecurity requirements to its worldwide operations further demonstrates the company’s commitment to security. Systematic penetration and vulnerability testing, as well as third-party security audits, are a few of them. Through PCI-compliant, ISO 27001-certified, and GDPR-compliant services, Wally connects to banks. On users’ devices, during transit, and while being stored, user data is secured.

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