Discover the future of dining as Welly and Shiba Inu join forces with blockchain technology.

Significant blockchain-related news for the restaurant business: Welly and Shiba Inu have teamed up to establish a cutting-edge culinary endeavor. In particular, the project uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to encourage sharing, wellness, and openness. All of the information is below.

Crypto news: Welly and Shiba Inu have partnered to provide meals

Anticipatedly, Welly and Shiba Inu’s partnership resulted in the birth of a groundbreaking food enterprise utilizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

In particular, the fast food of the future is transparent, interactive, and wellness-focused.

It is no accident that Welly, a cutting-edge healthy eating concept based in Naples and focused on selling salads and poultry, was established with these three fundamental tenets in mind.

Furthermore, Welly has forged a special alliance with Shiba Inu, one of the most significant cryptocurrencies in the world. Team member Paolo Bellucci notes the following regarding this:

“We have created a community of 5,000 members on Discord and boast over 50,000 followers on Twitter. In the meantime, we have received more than 400 applications to open franchises from different countries around the world.”

This idea is very unusual since it utilizes a cryptocurrency feature called DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which is a system characteristic.

Essentially, it is a company that runs on the choices made by investors, who directly impact key facets of the brand, such as corporate identity and design, through tactical and strategic choices.

Paolo Bellucci goes on to say:

“We want to become the first fast food restaurant in the world completely run by our community.”

Welly is a culinary idea that provides openness and transcends beyond food.

Welly distinguishes itself by providing transparency in addition to food. The implementation of a blockchain-based traceable supply chain furnishes customers with comprehensive details regarding the origin of the products they utilize.

With inspirations from Mediterranean cooking and an emphasis on health, like the availability of roasted croquettes rather than fried ones, Welly’s menu mostly consists of chicken dishes.

Paolo Bellucci continues to comment on this, saying this:

“We have created a balanced and targeted menu, avoiding dispersions. We have chosen a smaller menu to better satisfy the request for product traceability.”

Gianmaria d’Aniello, Paolo Bellucci, and Vincenzo Maietta for marketing and web 3 management, as well as Stefano Guglielmini and Roberto Bianco, specialists in the restaurant business, round out Welly’s team of professionals with a variety of skills.

Heading the technology and innovation division is Francesco Capasso’s “Katametron” team.

The success of an NFT collection attracted Shiba Inu managers, who decided to support the project, and that’s how the concept for a fast food restaurant was born.

In the meanwhile, Welly intends to launch its first store in Naples in December of this year. Shortly after, the first ghost kitchen devoted to Welly salads—a product that will eventually be found on grocery shelves and beyond—will open.

By the end of 2023, the first franchise is scheduled to launch. Welly now provides a number of investment options, such as the chance to establish flagship store franchises, pickup locations, vending machines, and ghost kitchens.

Shiba Inu and Welly

Consider the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency pricing

The SHIB token has drawn significant buying interest during the current correction phase, settling around the $0.000007 level, according to the most recent study.

In particular, a shift from the prior bearish trend to a sideways movement is seen, indicating that the downtrend may be coming to a conclusion.

Moreover, meme coin traders can see this new base at $0.000007 as a possible stimulus for a recovery given the general increase in market mood for cryptocurrencies.

The price of Shiba Inu formed a Morning Star candle configuration at the $0.000007 level, registering an intraday gain of 1.66 percent. This is the second time in a month that prices have reversed at this crucial support level, signaling the emergence of a bullish technical pattern called the “Double Bottom.”

The accumulation of purchasers at these lower levels is shown by this pattern, which theoretically points to the potential for an approaching bullish phase. Given the momentum created by this technical pattern, it is reasonable to anticipate that the token price will break over the $0.0000076 immediate resistance level.

A daily candle closing above this level, indicating a clear breakout above this crucial barrier, may offer a strong foundation for additional gains. Should there be a breakout, the token price might increase by a further 15% during the ensuing rally, hitting the $0.0000087 barrier.

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