On the iTunes Music Chart, Donald Trump’s new song is outperforming Miley Cyrus. “Music to soothe the soul!” Florencia Leon.

  • A prisoner-written song featuring Trump surged to the top of the iTunes charts.
  • Inmates accused of participating in the Capitol Riot in 2021 make up the J6 Prison Chorus.
  • Price floor for the Trump Cards NFT collection drops to 0.41 Ethereum (ETH).

Donald Trump, the nation’s divisive 45th president, is once again the centre of attention. All of his fans who barged into the Washington Capitol on January 6, 2023 make up the J6 Prison Chorus. Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Trump’s fiercest rival Rihanna were among the best-selling musicians in today’s music industry before the smash hit “Justice For All” emerged.

The hostile takeover of the Washington Capitol, on the other hand, has resulted in the deaths of three citizens and three police officers, some of whom were merely crushed in a stampede. Donald is unoncerned about the official death toll from the Capitol Riot on January 6, 2021. In contrast, if he wins a second term, Mr. Trump intends to pardon the rioters who caused the deaths of four people during the incident.

76% less Trump Cards on Polygon

The former president Donald Trump’s NFT initiative suffered greatly after the news broke. Trump Cards NFT were first introduced during the “big announcement,” which Jimmy Fallon later made fun of on Saturday Night Live, but the excitement surrounding Mr. Trump’s self-explanatory cryptocurrency project appears to be waning.

When Donald Trump first announced his long-awaited return to Twitter, Trump Cards were trending on OpenSea. In fact, there are two versions of Trump Cards; one of them is a sweepstakes-based product that sold in droves by promising Zoom calls and gala meals with the president.

According to CoinGecko, the floor price for Trump Cards (TRUMP) NFT is 0.41 Ethereum (ETH) as of the time of publication. The collapse on Polygon shows a deeper drop of 9.5% over the past day (MATIC). Furthermore, Trump Digital Cards’ trading activity on OpenSea shows a 76% decline with a trading volume of just 7 ETH.

On the other hand

  • The former president of the United States was a staunch opponent of Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain technology prior to the release of the Trump Cards NFT collection.

Why It’s Important

Prominent public people who participate in crypto and NFTs typically draw new retail consumers and promote blockchain technology.

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