Xsolla transforms gaming payments with Headless Checkout, offering fully branded experiences within Xsolla Pay Station.

Since the epidemic, payments have changed, affecting all transaction-based industries. The gambling sector is no exception. The international video game commerce startup Xsolla has introduced Headless Checkout, a sophisticated payment customization option, in response to the growing demand for personalised payments.

PayPal was the most widely utilised payment option globally in 2018 (according to Statista), with 26% of gamers using it. However, Xsolla has given game creators a method to build a fully branded and revenue-optimized purchasing experience for their gamers, in light of the fact that 2023 will see personalization rise to the top of the consumer priority list. In addition to being completely compliant, headless checkout secures money flow.

Without a head The company’s primary product, Xsolla Pay Station, now includes checkout. Within Pay Station, checkout experiences may be built in a variety of ways, and developers can select any one of the three integration solutions to suit their business’s needs.


Basic monetization

To satisfy the various needs of developers and enterprises, the most recent version of Xsolla Pay Station offers a variety of integration possibilities. This covers checkout without a head.

Hosted Checkout gives game makers an instant opportunity to monetize. It contains pre-set typefaces, payment UI styles, receipt email formats, and an easy-to-use interface. The Xsolla Publisher Account makes changing them easy. Because of this, Hosted Checkout makes game monetization simple.

By integrating the UI straight into partner stores, Components Checkout provides developers looking for more customization with a more seamless user experience.

Without head Developers may easily integrate checkout into their retail experiences for advanced layout control and customization. Xsolla’s API calls enable unique payment experiences.

Developers have more interface and experience control. This control boosts player engagement, loyalty, and conversions.

Xsolla CEO Chris Hewish is thrilled to provide game developers a customizable white-label payment solution—Headless Checkout—for a seamless, branded, and tailored payment experience in their games.

Benefits of Headless Checkout include:

  • exceptional payment flexibility. Headless Checkout allows whole purchase flow alteration with a separate UI from the back-end. Like Components Checkout and Hosted Checkout, it supports 200+ countries, 700+ payment methods, and 130+ currencies.
  • brand consistency. To provide a pleasant experience and promote branding, developers might totally redesign the user interface to match their games or systems.
  • complete control. Developers can run A/B testing to determine which payment experiences boost revenue and conversions.
  • Global safety and compliance. As a merchant of record, Xsolla handles foreign payments, taxes, and compliance.
  • enhanced client privacy and security. Headless Checkout handles sensitive payment information using pre-built user interface components, eliminating the need for data to connect with developers’ systems.
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