Dookey Dash by Yuga Labs achieved $6M in NFT sales at launch.
Ryder Ripps, an NFT artist, posted a discussion about the “culture deception” of BAYC.
Twitter crypto dealers issue a warning about the impending “billion dollar dump.”

Yuga Labs, the company behind Bored Apes Yacht Club, is once again in the spotlight on Twitter as gamers continue to talk about Dookey Dash, a brand-new skill-based blockchain game. The NFT Sewer Passes to join the digital primates riding a water motorcycle in the sewage, part of Yuga Labs’ Otherside by Otherdeed initiative, exceeded $6 million in initial sales. Additionally, BAYC members are boasting about their stellar grades and NFT victories.

While the co-founders of Yuga Labs are dealing with the majority of the problems with two lawsuits, the controversy surrounding the company is growing on Twitter. One is focused on the purported “culture deception” that NFT artist and online provocateur Ryder Ripps allegedly discovered.

The “Kali Yuga Surfing Club,” an infamous, violent, and racist criminal gang that was interested in esoteric fascism and launched a Telegram channel in 2019, is credited as the source of inspiration for the Bored Apes logo, according to the post. However, the term “Kali Yuga,” which denotes a period of time, comes from Hinduism.

45 days to unlock the APE cage?

On Twitter, numerous crypto aficionados were alarmed by a new heated discussion over the lawsuit and fresh speculations that Apecoin coins might be unlocked in 45 days. For example, PAULY, the proprietor of NotLarvaLabs, stated:

In 45 days, Yuga, its creators, and the launch partners will start unlocking and dumping a billion+ worth of apecoin.

This hypothesis predicts that the ApeCoin DAO token, which is useful for the Dookey Dash’s key-searching Apes, will be disposed of quickly after the game’s current phase.

According to CoinGecko, the decentralised altcoin APE, which is rated #31 overall, is currently trading at $6.01. APE had a fantastic month, losing just 2.3% in the previous 24 hours while making 67% in the previous 7 days. Additionally, the coin with the Bored Ape motif frequently makes headlines on Binance due to its eye-catching high yield, which is 100% APY for 120 days at the time of posting.

On the other hand

In the copyright infringement case against BAYC, Ryder Ripps is the defendant. The NFT artist created a parody collection that resembled the actual BAYC exactly.

Ryder Ripps received a copyright infringement lawsuit from Yuga Labs, but the BAYC satire earned the artist $1.8 million in NFT sales.

In the end, Ripps argues that NFTs—which stand for “non-fungible tokens”—cannot be reproduced due to their nature.

Why It’s Important

With a $4 billion market cap, Yuga Labs is one of the biggest Web3 businesses worldwide. With the popularity of the BAYC and MAYC blue-chip NFT collections, the company made NFT and blockchain technology accessible to a wider audience.

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